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Gourd Lake park entrance
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Gourd Lake Entrance
People to meet Dick Gumshoe
Lotta Hart
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Detention center
Grossberg Law Offices
Criminal Affairs Department
Public Beach
Locations in Gourd Lake
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Gourd Lake WoodsCaretaker's shackBoat rental shopPublic BeachGourd Lake EntranceGourdLake
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Di-Jun Wang's speech:

President's planeStage (Gourd Lake)Audience areaGK2GourdLake
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Maya Fey
You don't think Mr. Edgeworth is a... murderer!?
Dick Gumshoe
Absolutely not! It's impossible! I don't care if there's a witness either! I don't believe a lick of it!
Maya Fey
R-right! Who cares what the witness says!

The entrance to Gourd Lake Nature Park.


The park is surrounded by a brick wall, with an opening for the main entrance. The footpath leading inside is surrounded by trees: the Gourd Lake Woods. The footpath itself ends at the Public Beach.

Murder investigation[]

Main article: Turnabout Goodbyes

When Miles Edgeworth was arrested for murder on Christmas Day, 2016, Phoenix Wright decided to investigate the scene of the crime. However, he found that Detective Dick Gumshoe was already there with a team of police officers. Insistent that Edgeworth was not the killer, he had started the investigation to find something, anything to clear Edgeworth, and he begged Wright to help him. At the time, even the identity of the victim was not known, since they only had an eyewitness account to go on. To make matters worse, the trial was to start the following day, and no one had taken the offer to represent Edgeworth in court. Gumshoe showed Wright directions to the Criminal Affairs Department and let him move deeper into the park.

Later on, another witness, Lotta Hart, turned up and testified instead of the original eyewitness in court, while Edgeworth agreed to have Wright represent him. Wright fought against the ruthless machinations of Prosecutor Manfred von Karma, assisted by Maya Fey, to pick apart Hart's testimony. After the trial, at the Gourd Lake entrance, Hart apologized for the trouble that she had caused them, and offered up information that von Karma had prevented her from revealing, in exchange for information on Gourdy.

The information turned out to be the identity of the eyewitness: the old caretaker of the boat rental shop. After talking to him and investigating his shack, Wright took the information he gathered to court. He managed to implicate the caretaker as the true killer, but he escaped from the courtroom, forcing an end to the trial for the day. When Wright returned to the Gourd Lake entrance, Gumshoe thanked him for getting so far in the fight to get Edgeworth acquitted, and he vowed to catch the caretaker. He managed to do so and brought the man back for the trial the next day. Wright proved that the man had indeed killed the victim, but that von Karma had been the true mastermind. Both men were arrested and Edgeworth's name was cleared.