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The Gourd Lake Woods is an area of woodland on the shore of Gourd Lake. It was here that Lotta Hart set up her camera in an attempt to photograph Gourdy, but instead accidentally photographed an apparent crime taking place.

Searching for Gourdy[]

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In 2016, upon reading about the sighting of "Gourdy" at Gourd Lake, Lotta Hart hurried to the Gourd Lake Woods to catch a photo of the supposed monster. She parked her SUV and pitched her tent, ignoring the nearby sign prohibiting camping in the area, and set up her camera with a device that would trigger the shutter when it detected a loud noise. She kept at it for two days, until the camera took two photos on Christmas Eve.

The following day, Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey came across Hart's illegal campsite. Noticing the camera setup, Fey tried to set it off, first by shouting into the microphone, then by setting off a party popper. The party popper caused the camera to burn through a whole roll of film, catching Hart's attention. She yelled at them for wasting her film, and falsely introduced herself as a university student conducting research.

Wright explained that they were investigating a murder that had occurred at Gourd Lake, and asked if her camera had taken any pictures last night. Hart went to check while Wright and Fey investigated elsewhere, and remembered the two photos that had been taken. One of the photos showed two men on a boat, with one pointing a gun at the other. When Wright and Fey came back, she remembered that she had witnessed the event, but she would not tell them what. She just gave them the photo and immediately ran off to the police, leaving Phoenix and Maya speechless.

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