Maya Fey
Say, Detective Gumshoe. Do you know "Gourdy"?
Dick Gumshoe
The monster down in Gourd Lake? Not personally, no.

Gourdy was a monster believed to live in Gourd Lake. However, it was later revealed to be a hoax.

The legendEdit


The photograph that started the legend.


Promotional poster for "The Mighty Moozilla vs. Gourdy".

Gourdy was first discovered when a couple was getting their picture taken at Gourd Lake and noticed an odd shape in the background. The description in the paper said, "It rose from the water, creating a noise like an explosion." Soon after, people began to flock to the lake in search of this mysterious beast.

One such person was Lotta Hart. She was determined to get her picture without "second-rate shutterbugs" trying to steal her "scoop". When Phoenix Wright came to the lake in search of evidence for a case, Hart used a cover story that she was attempting to photograph shooting stars for a research paper. Unfortunately for her, she obviously did not think her story through and her true purpose was worked out by Wright, since her camera was focused at the lake instead of the sky; she had binoculars with her but didn't have a telescope; and she had set the camera up to automatically take photos when an explosion went off. Miles Edgeworth did the opposite, and initially told Wright that he had visited the lake to find Gourdy instead of his real reasons.

Wright was finally forced into helping Hart find Gourdy in exchange for information about his case. Wright eventually found out the truth.

3 years later, Gourdy appeared as a character in "The Mighty Moozilla vs. Gourdy", a Global Studios monster movie where it fought against another monster named Moozilla.

The truthEdit

Samurai Splash

Crash landing.

One night, Larry Butz was trying to fill up an inflatable Steel Samurai given to him by his, then current, girlfriend Kiyance. While trying to fill it up he let go of the air canister, and the inflatable flew up into the air, giving off a noise like an explosion. It then crashed into the water just as the couple's photo was being taken, starting the (short-lived) legend of Gourdy.


  • The monster's name in the Japanese version is "Hyosshi" (ヒョッシ).
  • "Gourdy" comes from "Gourd Lake", its supposed home. In-universe, the name was inspired by the Loch Ness Monster, a cryptid that is reputed to inhabit Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands and is affectionately referred to by the nickname Nessie.

Other mediaEdit


Gourdy appears.

Gourdy appears as an actual creature in a manga scan found in the Gyakuten Saiban Guidebook. In it, Wright and Edgeworth send Butz to Gourd Lake to look for the monster as punishment. After being pestered by Maya Fey, who wants to see Gourdy, they arrive at the lake (with Dick Gumshoe providing a lift) to find Gourdy with half of Butz in its mouth. Wright and Edgeworth promptly run away, while Fey shouts that she wants a turn on the lake monster next.