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The Gramarye Notebook was a piece of evidence in Apollo Justice's investigation into the murder of Manov Mistree. It originally belonged to Magnifi Gramarye, the founder of the famous magician group Troupe Gramarye, who would use the notebook to write down ideas for his magic tricks. It was eventually inherited by his granddaughter Trucy Wright, along with the performance rights to all of Troupe Gramarye's tricks. The Troupe's motto, "A true entertainer always keeps a smile on their face," is also written inside.

An outcast's revenge[]

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Roger Retinz stole the notebook from Wright as part of his plan to frame her for the murder of her co-performer Manov Mistree, which occurred during a dress rehearsal of the show "Trucy in Gramarye-Land" starring Wright and Mistree. Retinz had formerly been a member of the Troupe under the name "Mr. Reus", but was expelled from the group after accidentally injuring himself while practicing a reckless trick and then defiantly showing up for the next show, despite being told not to do so by Gramarye. Retinz's plan was to plant the notebook in Mistree's belongings, thereby creating the impression that he intended to reveal the secrets to Troupe Gramarye's magic tricks and providing the prosecution with an apparent motive for Wright to kill Mistree.

The notebook was retrieved by Wright's defense attorney, Apollo Justice, during his investigation into the murder. Although Wright was acquitted of the murder, she subsequently began to question her own skill and worth as a magician. Justice then showed her the notebook to remind her of the Gramarye creed and reassure her that she was a wonderful magician.


  • The "或" character on the notebook is the kanji for "or", which is possibly derived from the kanji "惑", meaning to beguile; both can be read with the same pronunciation of "waku".