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Grand Tower
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Entrance Tower Plaza
Enter from Room 1202
Relevant cases The Forgotten Turnabout
The Grand Turnabout

Grand Tower is a 51-story corporate skyscraper in Los Angeles. It was constructed around 2018 on the site of the former Happy Family Home orphanage. Aside from the entrance gate, the old orphanage was completely demolished. In 2019, Global Studios made use of its vacant premises to film scenes for their Moozilla movie remake.


The viewing platform at night.

Most of the tenants in the building are corporate offices. There is also a newspaper company, where Lotta Hart and Nicole Swift often contribute.

On the rooftop, there is an observation deck available to the public, albeit with an admission cost. It is a famous date spot and couples holding hands there are said to be forever happy. There is also a highly profiteering cotton candy stall called "Scattered Memories". In the center of this rooftop area, there is a lit-up wireframe statue of a horse with pegasus-like wings and a unicorn horn, fittingly called "Contradiction".

The hatch to the hidden 51st floor.

In circa 2019, the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee Headquarters were moved into the 50th floor, which was even advertised in the Grand Tower pamphlet. Although the pamphlet also states that there are 50 floors, there is actually a hidden 51st floor, accessible only via maintenance shafts from the rooftop or a secret lift from the floor below. This floor served as a storage area for evidence sold in black market auctions that took place in the building.

Di-Jun Huang's murder[]

Main article: The Grand Turnabout

Edgeworth added notes on the tower to his organizer after thinking that it might have a part in Di-Jun Huang's murder. He later used it to show another way the president could have exited from the tower, but this was proven false by Lotta Hart.