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The section on Granwyrm in the Grand Grimoire.

Granwyrm is listed in the Grand Grimoire as one of the possible spells usable by witches in Labyrinthia. It is described as a spell that summons a great fire dragon for the caster to command. This spell was said to have been responsible for the "Legendary Fire" that previously destroyed Labyrinthia.

Fire Dragon

Espella Cantabella's drawing of the "fire dragon".

Although the "dragon" that caused the Legendary Fire was a hallucination, an actual dragon of flames was visible for the second casting of Granwyrm that supposedly killed the Storyteller. It is unknown how the Shades carried out this "spell".


  • The spell's Japanese name "Garyuu" (ガリュウ) is likely 牙龍 meaning "dragon's fang". Incidentally, the surname of the Gavin family is also pronounced "Garyuu".
  • Its English name comes from a combination of "grand" and "wyrm".
  • "Draconis", its name in the French localization, comes from "dragon".
  • The spell's German name is "Inferno", which is a synonym for a large fire in a few European languages.
  • The spell's Italian name is "Ardor", which means both "heat" and "fury" in Latin.
  • Its Spanish name, "Dracran", is related to Latin "draco" ("dragon") and maybe Spanish "gran" ("great").
  • In a preview video of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice episode The Magical Turnabout for the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy, the dragon spell used by Manov Mistree as Mr. Reus is referred to as Granwyrm.

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