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The Great Dessert Contest was an event held by Jeffrey Master in his mansion. The confectionary contest was a dessert-making competition that measured the talent of each competitor in their mastery over both flavor and design, according to Dane Gustavia. The judge, Master himself, would determine which "work of art" exhibited superior talent in these regards. However, the competition was sabotaged by the cheating of most of the contestants, and was ultimately called off following the murder of Isaac Dover, one of the contestants.

Prizes Edit

There were two prizes that would be given to the winner of the competition, according to the Contest Rules:

  • The title of "World's Greatest Pastry Chef," currently held by Jeffrey Master.
  • The only copy of the "Angel's Recipe," currently owned by Jeffrey Master.

Rules Edit

There were three major rules that were significant enough to mention, as outlined in the Contest Rules:

  • I. Contestant's rooms will be judged, starting from the left. Afterwards, all parties will meet in Master's room.
  • II. Any decorations not made from desserts are prohibited.
  • III. Entering another contestant's room before the judging is done is prohibited.

Contestants Edit

The competition had four contestants: Jeffrey Master himself, Dane Gustavia, Delicia Scones, and Pierre Hoquet (under the guise of Isaac Dover).

Entries Edit

Entry One: Jeffrey Master Edit

The main attraction of Jeffrey Master's entry, located in the room on the left from the garden entryway, consisted of a large pirate ship display made entirely of cold chocolate. The display included the ship itself, the rushing water beneath it, and a chocolate treasure chest.

To the left of the entrance, against the adjacent wall, were lifelike displays of sailing equipment (such as a telescope, a compass, and a lantern atop a barrel), also made entirely of chocolate. The craftsmanship was so precise that even Tyrell Badd, an "eagle-eyed" detective, mistook them from the real thing, albeit briefly. The left wall was left untouched, as a small stream of water occupied the space.

To the right of the entrance, against the perpendicular wall, was the kitchen where Master prepared his entry. This wasn't part of his display.

The back wall was also filled with chocolate adornments and sailing equipment, such as a map, a ship wheel, a journal, a candle holder, and a globe. It also featured a chocolate picture frame that contained the only copy of the Angel's Recipe, one of the prizes.

Entry Two: Dane Gustavia Edit

Insert description of Gustavia's entry here.

Entry Three: Delicia Scones Edit

Insert description of Scones' entry here.

Entry Four: Isaac Dover Edit

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Cheating Edit

Insert descriptions of the contestants' cheating here. Every single contestant cheated except for Jeffrey Master.

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