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Grey Surgical Clinic
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Organization info
Organization type Private clinic
Leader Turner Grey
( - June 19, 2017)
Notable dates May 2, 2016: A malpractice incident kills 14 patients.
May 24, 2016: The nurse involved in the malpractice incident is apparently killed in a car accident.
June 19, 2017: Turner Grey is murdered.
Status Unknown
Relevant cases Reunion, and Turnabout

The Grey Surgical Clinic was a clinic run by Turner Grey, with Mimi Miney as one of the nurses. Grey was very controlling of those in his clinic, often yelling at patients and staff who didn't do what he wanted.

Malpractice incident[]


Dr. Turner Grey.

In 2016, there was a malpractice incident at the clinic that resulted in the deaths of 14 in-patients. Grey blamed Miney for the deaths, saying that she had mixed up the medications. Weeks later, Mimi Miney and her sister Ini were involved in a car crash that seemed to take the former's life, preventing Grey from properly blaming her. There was talk in the press that Grey was involved in the crash somehow, so as to cover up the truth about the malpractice incident.


Main article: Reunion, and Turnabout

The number of people visiting the clinic dropped dramatically after the incident, unlikely to have been helped by the rumors leveled at Grey regarding his apparent involvement in Mimi's car crash. After a year, this had eventually got to the point that Grey decided to visit Kurain Village and ask Maya Fey to channel the spirit of Mimi, so she could sign a written confession from beyond the grave, taking all the blame. Grey thought that Mimi's confession would solve all of his problems, but unfortunately it turned out to have been a plot to kill him and pin the blame on Fey.