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Grossberg Law Offices
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Organization info
Organization type Law firm
Leader Marvin Grossberg
Organizational structure Former employees:
Affiliated groups Fey & Co. Law Offices
Wright & Co. Law Offices
Established Before Dec. 2001
Status Active (Dec. 2016)
Location info
People to meet Marvin Grossberg
Available evidence DL-6 Incident notes
Exhibit A (photo)
Exhibit B (photo)
Linked locations Detention center
Gatewater Hotel
Fey & Co. Law Offices
Wright & Co. Law Offices

The Grossberg Law Offices is a law firm named after its owner, Marvin Grossberg. Mia Fey and Diego Armando were employed here, with Armando earning a reputation as the best attorney in the firm. Mia Fey would go on to head her own firm, Fey & Co. Law Offices. Robert Hammond was also employed here for some time, representing Yanni Yogi in court for the murder of Gregory Edgeworth.

Phoenix Wright visited the firm to try to convince Grossberg to take on the defense of Maya Fey when she was accused of murdering her older sister Mia. Wright made another visit later on in order to learn more about the DL-6 Incident.

Known clientsEdit

Client Attorney Trial Result
Yanni Yogi Robert Hammond Sometime after Dec. 28, 2001 Won
Terry Fawles Mia Fey Feb. 16, 2013 No verdict
Phoenix Wright Mia Fey Apr. 11, 2014 Won
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