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Evidence room entrance, guard station
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Guard Station
People to meet Jake Marshall
Available evidence ID Card Record
Linked locations Evidence room
Police department entrance
Locations in Los Angeles Police Department
  • Guard station

The guard station is a room in the police department that leads to the department's evidence room. Jake Marshall occupied this room when he was a patrolman. Mike Meekins was also temporarily assigned to this post during the 2017 evidence transferal. Marshall decorated the room with a Texan cowboy theme.

There are a number of security systems in the guard station, though Marshall's disinterest in them meant that he only knew how some of them worked. If luminol is sprayed onto the top of the largest cactus in the room, it tests positive for traces of blood. Phoenix Wright suggested that this could mean that, in the past, some poor individual had tripped and fell head-first onto the spiny plant.