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A lunchbox made by Dick Gumshoe was a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Glen Elg.

It was made by Gumshoe after he testified against Maggey Byrde on the first day of her retrial for Elg's murder. Worried about Byrde, who had lost weight, Gumshoe made it with an abundant amount of his favorite wiener sausages, and asked Wright to give it to Byrde, who was still detained. Although excited at first sight, Byrde coldly refused to accept it upon learning it was from Gumshoe, saying it was forbidden to accept gifts at the detention center. She added that she hated weenies. Rather than letting it go to waste, Wright shared the lunchbox with Maya Fey. When Wright and Fey met Gumshoe again, Fey told Gumshoe the lunchbox was delicious but was hesitant to reveal Byrde's actual reaction. Gumshoe misinterpreted this as Byrde having praised it, and gave them another even larger lunchbox he had prepared.

Even though Gumshoe brought evidence that helped Wright get Byrde's final acquittal, she could not forgive him for doubting her in court, which had almost resulted in her conviction. Wright explained Gumshoe was just performing his duty as a detective, and showed her Gumshoe actually cared about her by giving her the jumbo lunchbox as a "present to celebrate her freedom". This time, Byrde admitted she actually really liked weenies and finished the lunchbox in the defendant lobby.

In the anime, Byrde asks who sent them to her before attempting to consume them. After learning that Gumshoe sent them, she remarks saying "Oh, these are Dick's Weenies" coldly before turning them away.