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Guy Eldoon
That stand's seen its share o' salt, mmm-hmmm. Salt runs in the family, you might say.

Guy Eldoon is a noodle vendor and former surgeon who comes from a long line of noodle vendors.

Early life and career[]

Refusing to follow in his father's footsteps as a noodle vendor, Guy Eldoon set out to make something of himself as a doctor. He set up a clinic in Los Angeles, but would later be run out of business by Dr. Pal Meraktis, a childhood rival who offered his services to the Kitakis. Without business, he soon resigned himself to his fate as a noodle vendor.

When his father ran the noodle stand, Phoenix Wright would often visit with his assistant at the time, Maya Fey. Phoenix would continue to do so when he adopted Trucy and took her to the noodle stand.

Theft of noodle stand[]

Main article: Turnabout Corner

Lamenting the disappearance of his noodle cart.

One morning, Guy Eldoon found that his noodle stand was stolen. He quickly hired Apollo Justice, a lawyer Phoenix had taken under his wing, to find it, with a bowl of salty noodles as payment. Justice found the stand, but it had become part of the crime scene of the murder of Meraktis. As such, being stuck without his noodle stand, he promised to help Justice in any way he could. Justice suspected Eldoon for a brief time when Eldoon told Justice about his rivalry with Meraktis.

Eldoon got his chance to help when Justice brought him a medical chart belonging to Wocky Kitaki, the heir to the Kitaki mob family. Eldoon finally revisited his past as a doctor, revealing his short black hair underneath his noodle bowl "hat". Eldoon was stunned by what he saw on the chart; given the location of the bullet in Wocky's chest, it was a miracle that he was still alive.

He understood Meraktis' despair, however: if he tried to remove the bullet, he'd risk killing Wocky right then, but if he admitted he couldn't remove it, he'd be erased by the Kitakis.

Eldoon was inspired by events to make a new noodle recipe containing just a large hunk of salt. Since his noodles were all about extreme saltiness, he believed that he shouldn't pretend otherwise.

Eldoon and his noodle stand were still in business by late 2027, with the employees at the Wright Anything Agency habitually celebrating after winning a case by visiting the stand for a bowl of noodles. The only one who appeared to dislike this tradition was Justice, who remarked that Eldoon's noodles were "so hot and salty, two bowls could kill a man".



Eldoon often intersperses his speech with a short tune on his harmonica. He has received complaints in the past due to this, as his playing has been described as being louder than an ice cream truck. He also wears what appears to be a bowl of noodles as a hat, complete with noodle strands on the sides.

Despite priding himself on his extremely salty noodles and using rainwater to cook them, the nature of their quality seems to be dubious - his mascot "Mr. Salty" appears to be wearing a constant expression of cringing disgust due to the sheer saltiness of the noodles, and Justice has professed a dislike for them. However, everyone else at the Wright Anything Agency that has eaten there hasn't seemed to mind.

Despite his laid-back and often comical nature, he can be very serious when the situation demands it, removing the noodle bowl on his head in these instances. Eldoon also tends to be somewhat bitter at times, especially when the misfortunes of his past are brought up. He had an intense dislike of Meraktis due to their past history, and would often refer to him as "onion boy", playing on his own dislike of onions in soup.


  • The two kanji of his Japanese given name (麦面) can be combined into the single kanji "men" (麺), meaning "noodle".
  • His English surname "Eldoon" is "noodle" backwards, making "Eldoon's Noodles" a near-palindrome. In Turnabout Corner, if the player examines the backside of the Noodle Stand, Trucy will remark that Eldoon spelled his name backwards by mistake, with Justice correcting her, and telling her it says "Noodle". Trucy then suggests that there should be a similar store called "Team Meat" (with Justice pointing out that this wouldn't work as it would read as "Taem Maet").
  • His full English name, "Guy Eldoon", could also be a play on "noodle guy", with his given name being chosen to correspond with his rival Pal.


  • His harmonica is named after a brand of noodles in the Japanese version.
  • The tune Eldoon plays on his harmonica is an arrangement of a tune played by some ramen stall owners in Japan to advertise their presence via a loudspeaker and looped recording.