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Gyakuten Saiban - Gyakuten Aidoru (逆転裁判-逆転アイドル; lit. "Turnabout Trial - Turnabout Idol") is an Ace Attorney light novel published exclusively in Japan on June 15, 2016. It is the first of two such novels written by Mie Takase and featuring original illustrations by Kikuyaro, with the other being Gyakuten Saiban - Gyakuten Kūkō.

The plot involves Phoenix Wright defending a popular idol called Sumomo Momogaya who is accused of murder.


Phoenix Wright visits a shopping mall where his adopted daughter, Trucy is partaking in an event. However after a murder occurs, the popular idol Sumomo Momogaya, who appeared in the event, is arrested. Phoenix Wright takes on her defense in order to prove her innocence.[1]


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