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Not to be confused with the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice episode Turnabout Time Traveler.

Gyakuten Saiban - Jikan Ryokosha no Gyakuten (逆転裁判-時間旅行者の逆転; lit. "Turnabout Trial - Turnabout of the Time Traveler") is a Japan-exclusive original Ace Attorney story by the mystery writer Van Madoy. It was first published as a serialization in Hayakawa Mystery, starting in the March 2017 issue, before being released as a collected novelization on September 26, 2017.

Unlike the Gyakuten Saiban - Gyakuten Kūkō and Gyakuten Saiban - Gyakuten Aidoru light novels written by Mie Takase, Gyakuten Saiban - Jikan Ryokosha no Gyakuten partially takes place during the events of the first Ace Attorney game and utilizes various plot elements from it. It has been described by Madoy as episode "2.5".[1]


In 2001, a young woman called Yūko meets a doctor called Kitamita, who claims to have traveled back in time after an attempt was made on his life in 2016 and that he must now repair his time machine. Yūko becomes his assistant, but finds herself the suspect in the doctor's locked room murder. Gregory Edgeworth becomes her defense attorney, while the notorious Manfred von Karma prosecutes the case.

Fifteen years later in 2016, rookie defense attorney Phoenix Wright, with the help of his new assistant Maya Fey, is looking for clients after winning only the second case of his fledgling law career. One day, a young woman with memory problems called Yūko comes to Wright's office with a strange claim: she has time traveled from 2001 to escape a murder incident. The following day, Yūko is arrested as the main suspect in the locked room murder of Doctor Kitamita. Wright takes on her defense, with Miles Edgeworth prosecuting.


There are a numerous similarities between Gyakuten Saiban - Jikan Ryokosha no Gyakuten and the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice episode Turnabout Time Traveler, in that both feature:

  • similar titles
  • a young woman claiming to have traveled in time arriving at Wright's office
  • Maya Fey acting as Wright's assistant
  • Miles Edgeworth prosecuting the case in question
  • an appearance from Larry Butz
  • instances of "time travel" that are ultimately proven to have rational explanations
  • male victims who died from blunt force trauma


  1. 円居挽 (Van Madoy) on Twitter: "あれや、原作の時間軸的には無印の2.5話だから安心してくれ(?) (Well, that's because it is a 2.5 story without a specific mark on the timeline of the original, so please rest assured (?))" (2:11 am - 17 Sep 2016). Accessed on 2018-03-02.
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