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Gyakuten Saiban 2: The Truth Reborn, Again... (逆転裁判2 -蘇る真実、再び…-, lit. "Turnabout Trial 2 -Truth Resurrected, Again…−") is the second of three musicals based on the Ace Attorney video game series. A collaboration between Capcom Japan and the Takarazuka Revue, an all-female musical theater troupe, the show starred Cosmos Troupe's Tomu Ranju in the lead role. After the success of the first musical, Gyakuten Saiban: The Truth Reborn, this sequel was performed from August to September, 2009. The first and second musicals drew a total combined attendance of over 50,000 people.[1] Unlike for the first musical, the game series creator, Shu Takumi contributed some feedback midway through production[2].

As with its predecessor, this show uses the names from the English localizations of the games, despite being a Japanese production (e.g., Phoenix Wright instead of "Ryūichi Naruhodō"). The plot of the first half of this musical is completely original, while the second half is loosely based on the events of Farewell, My Turnabout.


Act 1[]

A few months after his defense of Leona Clyde, Phoenix Wright has moved his practice to his hometown in California. However, Wright was now a broken man, as Clyde died in an accident shortly after he cleared her of murder charges. He had lost his drive to be a lawyer, and was considering retirement.

Whilst in his hometown, a woman named Lucia Aleia asked him to defend her mother in court. When asked why, she explained that her mother was the teacher for his classroom trial and he takes the case, ready to take on Franziska von Karma in court.

Act 2[]

Maya Fey is kidnapped and Wright is blackmailed into defending the true culprit against Miles Edgeworth.

After the case, Lucia tries to confess her feelings for Phoenix, but he shoots her down. He tells her to stay by Roland's side, saying that he needs her now more than ever. She then states she'll become a lawyer in response, and leaves. Now with a new purpose, Phoenix declares Leona will always be alive in his heart, and walks into the sunset.


The background music and sound effects used were arranged by the Revue based on Noriyuki Iwadare's orchestra score[3]. The following are the main musical numbers created just for the show in the order that they appear:


Main cast
Chorus Members
  • Ibuki Amakaze
  • Eru Sasara
  • Tonika Amaki
  • Yuna Sahane
  • Miko Yumeri
  • Reina Chisa
  • Mau Anri
  • Hikaru Aizuki
  • Ririko Nanase
  • Moa Aishiro
  • Rian Yumesuzu
  • Keito Kazami
  • Kokomi Yukino
  • Rei Sakurane
  • Rio Hoshizuki
  • Airi Hanasaki
  • Ouki Haruse
  • Seiya Kagami


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