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Gyakuten Saiban 3: Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth (逆転裁判3 検事マイルズ・エッジワース, lit. "Turnabout Trial 3 Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth") is the third of three musicals based on the Ace Attorney video game series. A collaboration between Capcom Japan and the Takarazuka Revue, an all-female musical theater troupe, the show starred Cosmos Troupe's Hiro Yuumi in the lead role. It was first performed in January 2013.

As with its predecessors, the show uses the names from the English localizations of the games, despite being a Japanese production (e.g., Miles Edgeworth instead of "Reiji Mitsurugi"). However unlike its predecessors which focused on Phoenix Wright, this musical specifically focuses on the exploits of Miles Edgeworth, and is the first musical based on the series to have a case that is completely original, though it still features other characters from the games, such as Larry Butz and Tyrell Badd.


Taking place between the first two musicals, Edgeworth has been wandering the world for several years, trying to find a new reason for practicing law. As he boards a flight to visit his hometown in California, he runs into hopeless loser and wannabe ladies man Larry Butz. After both fall asleep on the plane, they wake up to discover they are somehow in the past, when Gregory Edgeworth, Miles' father, was still alive. Miles soon finds himself embroiled in a murder investigation involving a woman named Alison Teresa, and is determined to unravel what happened, even if it means prosecuting against his own father.

To compound his problems, the Gregory Edgeworth that Miles encounters is more like a defense attorney equivalent of the ruthless Manfred von Karma — a man willing to falsify evidence in order to get a favorable verdict. Miles now must deal with his father issues and separate the man he knew and idolized from the reality he finds himself in.

After the case is resolved, Edgeworth finds himself back in present day California; he had been at the airport during the whole ordeal. Since Butz seems to have no recollection of any time travel, Miles assumes the whole case was just a dream. However, he then discovers a red rose in his jacket - the same one Teresa have given him. Miles smiles, reminiscing on his miraculous encounter with her and heads out to help Wright, setting the stage for the second musical.


The background music is largely based on the original soundtrack themes. The following are the main musical numbers:


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