The Gyakuten Saiban 4 Mini Soundtrack CD is an album included in the Japan-exclusive limited edition version of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney HD. The soundtrack is comprised of 10 tracks, featuring a selection of music straight from the game and new arrangements, including two vocal tracks sung by KENN and Kusuda Toshiyuki, the Japanese voice actors for Apollo Justice and Klavier Gavin, respectively.

Track listEdit

No. Title Length
1. Apollo Justice ~ A New Chapter of Trials! [Featuring KENN]    
2. Klavier Gavin ~ Guilty Love [Featuring Ryouji Yamamoto]    
3. Troupe Gramarye (2017 arrange version)    
4. Pursuit ~ Gotta Corner It (2017 arrange version)    
5. Trucy's Theme ~ Child of Magic (2007 original version)    
6. Ema Skye ~ Scientific Detective (2007 original version)    
7. Lamiroir ~ The Landscape Artist in Sound (2007 original version)    
8. Search ~ Core 2007 (2007 original version)    
9. Cross-Examination ~ Allegro 2007 (2007 original version)    
10. Apollo Justice ~ Iustitia Sempiterna (2017 arrange version)    

No. Title Length
1. 王泥喜 法介 ~新章開廷! featuring KENN(2017アレンジヴァージョン)    
2. 牙琉 響也 ~LOVE LOVE GUILTY featuring 楠田 敏之(2017アレンジヴァージョン)    
3. 或真敷一座(2017アレンジヴァージョン)    
4. 追求 ~追いつめないと(2017アレンジヴァージョン)    
5. みぬきのテーマ ~魔術の子(2007オリジナルヴァージョン)    
6. 宝月 茜 ~カガクの刑事(2007オリジナルヴァージョン)    
7. ラミロア ~音の風景画家(2007オリジナルヴァージョン)    
8. 捜査 ~核心 2007(2007オリジナルヴァージョン)    
9. 尋問 ~アレグロ 2007(2007オリジナルヴァージョン)    
10. 王泥喜 法介 ~Iustitia Sempiterna(ユスティツィア・センピテルナ)(2017アレンジヴァージョン)    
Total length:

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