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HAT-1 Miracle

Advertisement for the movie based upon the HAT-1 Miracle.

The "HAT-1 Miracle" is a term coined to refer to the incident in which Solomon Starbuck managed to return the GYAXA rocket HAT-1 safely back to Earth despite serious malfunctions. The events so captured the public imagination that Starbuck became famous and the events were turned into a movie. However, the incident also severely traumatized Starbuck, causing him to occasionally experience violent flashbacks of the events, secretly taking anxiety medication to calm himself.

In reality, the incident occurred due to HAT-1 being sabotaged via bomb by a mysterious international spy known only as "the phantom" for an unknown organization or government.

The mission[]

On October 8, 2020, the HAT-1 was planned as a manned orbital flight for the purpose of delivering the Hope asteroid researching probe into space to retrieve samples from a nearby asteroid. Starbuck was the craft's only crew, being the pilot and technician all in one. While the launch of the Hope probe was successful, the HAT-1 soon encountered numerous technical problems and Solomon barely escaped with his life.

Seven years later, the Hope probe returned to Earth from its mission, carrying the asteroid samples that would prove key to solving the murder of Clay Terran.

References to popular culture[]

  • The public's interpretation of the HAT-1 Miracle bears strong similarities to the 1970 Apollo 13 mission. Both involve spacecraft suffering multiple malfunctions before returning to Earth again safely against all odds, and both had a movie made based upon the events.
  • The specifics of the events, minus the sabotage, have a lot more in common with Mercury Atlas-6, piloted by American John Glenn. A single-man Mercury craft, it experienced numerous problems including issues with the heat shielding. Additionally, Gemini 8, piloted by Neil Armstrong, flew out of control partway through its mission, requiring serious wrangling to regain control.

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