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District Court 3rd Floor Hallway
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People to meet Dick Gumshoe
Calisto Yew
Manny Coachen
Tyrell Badd
Available evidence Det. Gumshoe's Fingerprints
Balloon Piece
Linked locations 3rd Floor Lobby
Defendant Lobby No. 1
Defendant Lobby No. 2
Locations in District Court
Partial map:
3rd Floor LobbyCourtroom No. 3Defendant Lobby No. 2Defendant Lobby No. 1Hallway (District Court)Courtyard (District Court)Courtyard (District Court)RestroomCourthouse
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Other locations:

The 3rd floor hallway of the District Court is connected to the 3rd Floor Lobby as well as Defendant Lobby No. 1 and Defendant Lobby No. 2. The hallway contains a vending machine selling, among other products, Swiss rolls at $6 for a pair. There is also a window with a view of the courtyard, across from which is a restroom. Its windowsill has a cactus on it. Under the window is a bench.

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