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Gatewater Imperial Hotel hallway
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Hotel Hallway
People to meet Dick Gumshoe
Lotta Hart
Wendy Oldbag
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Corrida's hotel room
Engarde's hotel room
Locations in Gatewater Imperial Hotel
Engarde's hotel roomHallway (Gatewater Imperial Hotel)Corrida's hotel roomViola HallHotel LobbyGatewaterimperial
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The hallway of the Gatewater Imperial Hotel contained the rooms of the action TV stars Matt Engarde and Juan Corrida during the Hero of Heroes Grand Prix. Corrida's side of the hallway was almost covered in gifts of flowers and bears from his studio and admirers. Engarde's side, on the other hand, only had a couple of wreaths from his studio.

Adrian Andrews walked across the hallway in the Nickel Samurai costume in an attempt to frame Matt Engarde for murder of Corrida.

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