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The hallway is the main area of the prison, connected to four prison cells and two workrooms. All of the doorways have sensors that react to electronic bracelets on the inmates, causing the bracelets to send an electric shock through them. This was to prevent unauthorized access to the workrooms or the detention center. The most prominent feature of the prison hallway is a playground for the inmates' pets as part of the prison's animal therapy program. The animals have tags that open doors for them, allowing them to roam freely in the prison. One of the cells belongs to Jay Elbird, a former boxer. A hole on the floor of Elbird's cell led to a tunnel connected to a well in the prison courtyard.

The SupplierEdit

When assassin Sirhan Dogen was arrested and sent to prison, he blackmailed the warden, Patricia Roland, into cooperating with him to smuggle various goods into the prison for the benefit of the inmates. Every week, Roland would drop the items down the courtyard well, and Dogen's dog Anubis would take them through the tunnel to Dogen's special cell. She enlisted the aid of prisoner Frank Sahwit, who had accidentally broken his bracelet, getting him to cut the power temporarily during the deliveries in exchange for special treatment.

An unlucky sequence of eventsEdit

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Over a period of weeks in 2019, Elbird extended the tunnel connected to his cell using tools supplied to him by Dogen, in hopes of escaping. His tunnel extension eventually made it to the detention center's holding cell. In March, Horace Knightley was arrested and sent to the holding cell. Seeing his chance, Elbird attacked Knightley and his guard escort the following day, and stole the keys to the holding cell. He then returned to his own cell so that Knightley would be blamed for stealing the keys, and waited for an opportunity to make his break. He then had Dogen arrange to have a guard uniform stolen so that he could disguise himself.

Elbird's first escape attemptEdit

A monthly circus animal show was scheduled for the next day, and Elbird took this opportunity to escape. He left Rocky, his pet polar bear cub, in Workroom B with Sahwit for grooming, then headed through his tunnel. Knightley's dead body was dropped into the well after Elbird passed it, signaling Anubis to take it to Dogen. Surprised at this delivery, Dogen had his dog take the body to Workroom A instead, to avoid suspicion for murdering the potential new prisoner.

Meanwhile, Sahwit was applying a mudpack to Rocky when the cub, missing its owner, bolted after him. As Sahwit chased after Rocky, he glanced inside Workroom A and was terrified to see Anubis biting on Knightley's neck. After Anubis left, Sahwit searched the body for valuables, but had to attend a prison roll call before he could take anything. Elbird, too, was forced to return to the prison after Rocky caught up with him in the holding cell. Sahwit later returned to Workroom B and let out a scream, as if he had just discovered the body.

Murder investigationEdit

Miles Edgeworth, the prosecutor in charge of Knightley's case, visited the detention center with detective Dick Gumshoe and Kay Faraday just as word was spreading about the discovery of Knightley's body. He was quickly followed by Raymond Shields, Knightley's intended lawyer. As the two were investigating the scene, the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee sent judge Justine Courtney and prosecutor Sebastian Debeste to the prison to take Edgeworth off the case. He was only able to question Elbird before being forced to leave, while Elbird was sent to a disciplinary cell. By the following day, the new investigators had arrested Knightley's friend Simon Keyes, an employee of the Berry Big Circus who had participated in the monthly Animal Show, which had taken place during the murder.

Elbird's second escape attemptEdit

Not willing to give up, Edgeworth returned with Faraday the next day, this time as assistant to Shields, who had taken on Keyes' case. They found Sahwit, who tried to cover up his actions during the incident, but failed due to Edgeworth's mind games. Elbird was later sent back to his cell, and had made his escape by the time Edgeworth, Faraday and Shields had returned with the police dog Missile to find out how the body had gotten to Workroom A. Missile led them to Elbird's empty cell and uncovered the secret tunnel. Elbird successfully blended in with the security guard uniform, but was exposed when Rocky leaped on him.

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