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Officer Hammer is a female police officer who was present during some of Miles Edgeworth's investigations.

In the force[]

Hammer has been working in the same police department as Dick Gumshoe and Nathan Thompkins. She has worked on many cases that were under the investigation of Miles Edgeworth.


Hammer takes pride in her job as a police officer. She generally has a somewhat extroverted and upbeat personality, although she does overreact at times and has a habit of communicating almost entirely by shouting during investigations. Another habit of hers is a tendency to incompletely seal crime scene doorways with police tape. Hammer has an aversion to lacquer, due to it potentially giving a nasty rash by touching it; as a result, she feels itchy from just hearing the word "lacquer".


  • Her first name is unknown, although the "Extra" section of the third volume of the manga does hint that it begins with "Ka-".
  • Her surname may be a reference to a judge's gavel (thereby symbolizing her sense of justice as a police officer) or to her forceful personality.