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Hart Vortex was the Chief Justice of London during the time that Ryūnosuke Naruhodō stayed in the city.

Professor Killings Edit

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Hart Vortex was originally a prosecutor working in London. He pictured a brighter and crime-free London, but he was unable to do anything with that vision. He eventually figured out that another prosecutor, Klimt van Zieks had been working under the alias The "Professor", a known serial killer in the area of London. Vortex took this as a chance and proceeded to blackmail van Zieks, then ordering him to kill the Chief Justice at the time so that he could assume the position, he saw that Chief Justice as too soft to fight against the darkness of London. He also had him kill two more nobles before and after that murder.

Genshin Vortex

Vortex refusing Asogi's request.

Japanese exchange student, Genshin Asōgi, begged him to move the police force into action regarding the Professor, but Vortex wouldn’t have any of it without “decisive evidence.” Genshin killed Klimt via duel and found out about the blackmailing, Vortex decided to frame him as the Professor. He wanted to tie this up and protect Klimt van Zieks’ secret to keep the law running as smoothly as possible, he didn't want the people to know that a fellow British noble was responsible for the killings. So he roped detective Tobias Gregson and doctor John Watson into a forging scheme. First, Gregson would collect a group of thugs together and attack Genshin Asōgi, stealing his trademark ring. Second, Vortex helped Gregson argue for Klimt’s autopsy report to be done despite him being a noble with the House of Lords. Third, Watson would keep his assistants, Courtney Simon and Yūjin Mikotoba, busy during the dissection and pretended to find the ring in Klimt's stomach, coming to the conclusion that Klimt had swallowed it to provide proof for his killer. Despite the discrepancies in Klimt’s death, dying of a stab wound to the heart rather than having his throat torn apart by a hound like the others, he was treated as the last of the Professor’s victims and Genshin Asōgi was arrested and tried as the Professor.

A secret trial was held by orders of the Queen as she was afraid this incident might spark a war between their country and Japan, Hart Vortex was the prosecutor. Before he was transported to Berkly Prison, Vortex ordered him to write a will, asking that all his personal affects be sent overseas to his son, which was later given to Harry Barricade. But Genshin had Klimt van Zieks’ will he wrote before the duel which not only admitred his identity as the Professor, but also pointed to Hart Vortex as the one who threatened him to continue killing. Vortex realized this, so he approached Genshin for a deal: keep the will secret and accept a guilty verdict at the trial, and he would arrange for Genshin’s escape from prison so he can go back to Japan. Genshin refused to agree until Vortex brought up the prospect of never seeing his family again, and then caved in. Klimt's younger brother Barok, insisted that he'd be replaced as prosecutor for his first trial, Vortex allowed but he stayed next to him to help.

When Genshin received the death penalty, Vortex involved Simon, as the coroner who "confirmed" Genshin’s death after execution and sent a letter to Harry Barricade to keep others busy. Genshin was buried alive, so Vortex and Seishirou Jigoku, who jumped on board after Vortex promised him the Minister of Foreign Affairs' position back in Japan, would head to Lowgate Cemetary to help dig Genshin out and begin his journey back. But then a grave robber dug Genshin out of his grave before them and saw him, he realized that he'd tell people that his death was faked, they'd be ruined. So Vortex gave Jigoku a gun and forced him to kill Genshin to keep him dead for real. Once the grave robber fled, the two reburied Genshin Asōgi.

Death Bringer Edit

Hart Vortex then started to bring a 'curse' upon Barok van Zieks not too long after the Professor Killings. In his desire to create a world of order and safety for the people of London, he created a secret organization that would kill those that managed to escape guilty verdicts. The public, believing it to be a true curse, called it 'The Grim Reaper', or 'The Death Bringer'. The first of them was Chalan Musgrave, head of a criminal organization in a trial that Barok headed. Musgrave threatened the jury and was crushed by a concrete block under a construction site three days after; rumors began to spread that this “Death Bringer” was actually Klimt’s ghost attached to Barok, bringing down justice where the latter could not. These rumors were spread by Vortex, as he knew Barok would cling to that moniker to hold onto something of his brother’s.

Vortex involved people like Tobias Gregson, who would carefully investigate the targets and come up with the best way to eliminate them. Ann Sasha, London's most notorious assassin, was the primary assassin. John Watson was involved as well, he changed the autopsy records of those killed by the Reaper, Courtney Simon, with her surname now Sithe, took his place after Watson was invited overseas. Gregson and Watson only accepted doing as Vortex says on the condition that Barok would not be held responsible for the Reaper killings. Barok eventually took a five year leave of absence as he was unable to bear the burden and pressure that came with being labelled as the Reaper, only coming back when Ryūnosuke Naruhodō came to London.

Eliminating all who know Edit

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Hart Vortex began to realize being Chief Justice wasn’t enough to fulfill his desires of an orderly, crime-free London. There was an international scientific investigation symposium coming soon, it will give him the opportunity to become Attorney General, he knew he had to get the job no matter what. But to do that, he would need to cut off a few loose ends regarding his past: those of Detective Gregson and Dr. Watson specifically, as they were the only remaining individuals that knew the truth about Klimt’s false autopsy. To do this, he blackmailed Seishirou Jigoku with the truth of Genshin's death, and created a “Target Switch” assassin program. Using the recently established Japanese-Anglo Alliance treaty that allowed criminals in a foreign country to be extradited to their consulate, England and Japan would switch assassins. However, the exchange went awry due to both assassins being compromised, and thus Vortex used Jigoku himself instead to eliminate the remaining loose ends. Although, Sasha successfully killed Watson, Genshin's son Kazuma Asōgi was supposedly killed before he could make it to England.

Giving Naruhodō Assignments Edit

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After Naruhodō replaced Kazuma as exchange student, he and Susato Mikotoba went to Hart Vortex. The chief justice reluctantly agreed to this replacement, but first Naruhodō has to prove himself. Vortex decides to have him defend Cosney Megundal since no one else wants to defend him. Naruhodō was successful against his trial with Barok van Zieks, but Megundal died shortly afterwards in a fire.

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Because of his impressive win, Hart Vortex declares Naruhodō a bona fide defense attorney. He also has a new client for him, Japanese Sōseki Natsume, then he introduces the two to Tobias Gregson.

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Hart Vortex received a telegram from Yūjin Mikotoba requesting her daughter to come back to Japan.

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Six months later, Kazuma Asōgi made it to England on a cargo ship. With no memories and identification, he was taken to scotland yard, where he ended up meeting Vortex. Impressed by Asōgi's knowledge of law, Vortex decided to have him train under Barok van Zieks to become a prosecutor.

Downfall Edit

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Still believing Kazuma Asōgi to be dead, Seishirou Jigoku contacted Hart Vortex saying he was coming to the international scientific investigation symposium, and planned to kill Tobias Gregson himself. Remembering Jigoku was prosecuted by Barok for smashing a witness stand, he got the idea to lure Gregson by sending him on a fake "Death Bringer" mission. Vortex sent Kazuma Asōgi with him as the assassin, though in truth he was to kill Gregson. Despite Kazuma quitting after hearing the truth about his father, Jigoku managed to kill Gregson.

Jigoku intended to frame Gregson's accomplice, "Hugh Boone," for the crime by throwing off the time of death and changing the crime scene. However, it was Barok who ended up discovering the body, and was subsequently arrested. The idea that the feared prosecutor killed the legendary inspector put all eyes on Scotland Yard, and the symposium was delayed as a result. A setback to becoming Attorney General, Vortex deemed it necessary to end the trial as soon as possible. He appointed Asōgi as the attorney, and ordered Maria Goulloyne to hide any information in the autopsy that would arouse suspicion. However, Naruhodō was able to deduce the time of death could have been thrown off, and after connections to the professor case were revealed, the trial was suspended until the next day. Vortex finally decided that in order to get the results he wanted, he would have to take over as judge.

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Although Vortex repeatedly tried to end the trial as quick as possible, it became clear that in order to find the truth, Jigoku would have to testify. Having been found escaping aboard the SS Barrablock by Sherlock Holmes and Yūjin Mikotoba, it would take until the next day for him to return to England, and the proceedings were once again halted for the day. The following day, details about the assassin exchange came to light, and Jigoku was found to be the one behind Gregson's murder.

Following this, Asōgi attempted to continue the trial in order to convict Barok as the mastermind behind the assassination exchange, his reasoning being that Gregson had revealed Klimt van Zieks's autopsy had been forged 10 years earlier. However, Barok and Naruhodō quickly realized the mastermind was in fact Vortex, who handled the "Professor" case beforehand. Vortex attempted to quickly end the trial to avoid further questioning, but was pressured to proceed by the people in the galley, thanks to the intervention of Sherlock.

It was soon revealed that it was not Genshin, but instead Klimt, who had acted as the Professor, and that Vortex had bargained with Genshin so that Klimt's will remained secret and the law of England was protected. Vortex admitted to these claims, as well as being the head of the organization behind the reaper killings. However, Naruhodō discovered Klimt's will inside Karuma, revealing Vortex to be the man behind the Professor as well, and had ordered the killings of most of Klimt's victims.

Despite the accusations, Vortex had one more trick up his sleeve: Since there was no proof that he acted directly, Vortex could not be tried for his crimes. Furthermore, he appealed to the gallery that if any of his actions from the past 10 years became public, it would spell an end of order in England. Yet his final plan was soon dashed, as Sherlock appeared through hologram and revealed he had been broadcasting the trial to the Queen from the very start. It was then decreed that Vortex was to lose all of his powers, and be tried for his crimes publicly. His efforts the past 10 years destroyed, and his path to Attorney General crumbling, Vortex collapses at the judge's podium while the scale behind him breaks off and intensely burns "guilty," and is subsequently arrested.

Personality Edit

Hart Vortex mugshot


Hart Vortex is a man with an eye for time, often apologizing for his tardiness. He also cares a lot regarding how 'early' or 'late' a person is, counting from minutes to even seconds, as he constantly does with Ryūnosuke Naruhodō.

Vortex is also typically viewed by others as a humbled man who only wants what's best for the Great British Empire, and would typically do anything he could to ensure that the empire would be the best it could be, especially within its law. He vowed to get rid of the "darkness" lurking within it. Thus, he holds great pride for the Great British Empire and thinks highly of his own country. However, his love for his country eventually clouds his judgement, to the point that he wanted to control its law system with an iron fist so that it would be free from all sorts of crime.

Trivia Edit

  • The first breakdown Vortex has in The Resolve of Naruhodō Ryūnosuke is quite similar to Damon Gant's breakdown in Rise from the Ashes in that both characters clap with increasing frequency. Unlike Gant's breakdown, Vortex claps by raising his hands upward. Perhaps by coincidence, the two characters also have a somewhat similar appearance, and both had a high rank in law enforcement (Chief Justice and District Chief of Police respectively).
    • The other similarity is, they are willing to sacrifice innocent lives to aid them to rise in power. Vortex ordered Klimt to kill his own mentor, whom will become the next Chief Justice. Without anyone competing the seat, he became the next Chief Justice of the Great Britain, just like how Damon Gant kill Neil Marshall to secure his position as the District Chief of Police.
  • He is also similar to Matt Engarde. While they never physically killed anyone, they hired assassins to kill people for them.

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