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Hatch's Pawn Shop
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Hatch's Pawn Shop
Organization info
Organization type Pawn shop
Leader Hatch Windibank
Established Sometime before Apr. 1900
Other dates Apr. 16, 1900: Hatch Windibank is murdered by Robert Crogley during a burglary
Location info
People to meet Hatch Windibank
Gina Lestrade
"Egg Benedict"
Tobias Gregson
Available evidence Music Box Disc
Linked locations Baker Street
Storage Room

Hatch's Pawn Shop was a business on Baker Street owned by Hatch Windibank. It became a crime scene when Windibank was murdered during a burglary. Among the shop's customers were the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.


In 1900's London, pawn shops were often used for storing items; the customer give the item to the pawnbroker, who would then hold it for them for a set amount of time before putting it up for sale if they did not return in time. The customer could return for it before the deadline and get the item back by giving a prearranged password.


Among the items in Windiback's pawn shop are a stereoscope and a calendar near the door that's not for sale. Holmes installed a system of devices in the shop that looked liked a camera merged with a clock; these acted as a rudimentary surveillance system that would take photographs of the shop's counter every half hour.

The music discsEdit

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A famous philanthropist called Cosney Megundal made a deal with Robert Crogley in which the latter would steal governments in exchange for a lot of money. However, Crogley's father, Mortar Milverton, who was acting as a intermediary between the two, refused to hand over the second of the two discs that they were stored on, so Megundal killed him. A pickpocket named Gina Lestrade, was forced to help Megundal cover up the crime. The omnibus's driver, Beppo, was told to take Milverton's jacket (with the music disc in one of the pockets) and a special music box, and store them at Windiback's pawn shop. Lestrade was in turn told to pick up the jacket before the time limit ran out. However, Megundal died shortly after he escaped getting convicted of Milverton's murder due to a plan led by the bricklayer's son.

The burglaryEdit

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Gina Lestrade still was going with Megundal's plan despite his death. She went to Hatch's Pawn Shop to receive. Hatch Windibank refused to sell it no matter what but Lestrade desperately wants it for some reason. She's always been delivering goods to his shop that includes the disc Hatch has, she was hiding it in her long coat. But then Robert Crogley visited the shop, under the alias "Egg Benedict", to get the discs back himself. He claimed that Gina Lestrade had stolen his proof of reservation for Megundal's coat. Sherlock Holmes and Ryūnosuke Naruhodō deduced his true intentions, to intercept the stolen music disk inside the coat's pocket, and in a fit of anger, he attempted to take the coat at gun point. He was forced to retreat from the shop after the arrival of Tobias Gregson and the Scotyard.

That night, Gina Lestrade broke the lock on the door so she could get one of Iris Watson's manuscripts in Windiback's vault. She lit the lamp on the counter and saw that someone was there, so she grabbed a gun to defend herself. But it turned out just to be Hatch Windiback who reluctantly agrees to let her see the manuscript and unlocks the vault door. In the vault the two them her a noise. Windiback takes the gun and tells Lestrade to stay in the vault.

Bloody calender

The calendar with a bullet and Crogley's blood

Robert Crogley has arrived with his childhood friends, Nemmy and Tully Tinpillar, to steal the discs. The brothers go towards the back of the shop while Crogley looks on the shelves near the front, he quickly finds the music box and takes out the disc inside. Windiback confronts the brothers first, and they have a scuffle at the back, he beats them up surprisingly well. Upon noticing Crogley, the shop owner shoots him, the bullet goes through his left arm and into the wall calendar. Crogley panics, and shoots his own gun at Windiback, who had been retreating back into the vault. Despite meaning it only as a warning shot, his aim was uncanny and it hit Hatch Windiback's heart killing him on the spot. Upon realizing that, he panicked and ran from the scene, leaving the Tinpillars to deal without him.

Sherlock Shot

Sherlock Holmes down

Holmes, Naruhodō, and Susato Mikotoba noticed what was going on from Holmes' attic and went to check it out. When they arrive, one of the Tinpillars fires his gun and injures Holmes. The brothers escape while Naruhodō chases after them. Susato goes to the vault door to see if Lestrade is alright. It is locked so she uses a machine she got Iris that makes cat doors to make a peeking window to see. Then, she goes over to help Holmes. Naruhodō returns with a police officer who says they got an emergency report from the shop, the Tinpillars got away from him. Holmes tells him to go to the vault, he looks through the window and sees the pawn shop owner's corpse and Gina Lestrade unconscious and armed.


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