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Haunted House
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Haunted House
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Ernest Amano
Lance Amano
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The haunted house is one of the areas of the Gatewater Land theme park and was the scene of a murder.

Crime scene[]

Main article: The Kidnapped Turnabout

When Lance Amano was kidnapped, his father Ernest Amano asked Miles Edgeworth to deliver the ransom money. The kidnappers arranged for the haunted house's dining room to be the drop-off point. As he was leaving, however, he was struck on the back of the head by Lance with a prop sword and passed out.


Diagram of the haunted house showing how the Blue Badger disappeared from view.

After recovering, Edgeworth began his investigation. It became apparent that the kidnapping had been a fraud, engineered by Lance to pay off his debts. The prosecutor decided that the haunted house needed to be investigated after finding shards of glass inside a Bad Badger suit worn by Colin Devorae, one of the "kidnappers" who had been murdered. He reasoned that the shards were from one of mirrors hanging in the attraction. However, as Lance himself was accused of the murder, Ernest bought the property containing the haunted house to block the investigation. Despite this, Edgeworth was able to investigate the crime scene by using Little Thief. He deduced that there was an illusion built into the haunted house using a huge mirror to make a Blue Badger costume disappear. He eventually proved that the space behind the mirror was the real location of the murder and that Lance Amano was the culprit.