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Valerie Hawthorne SD

Valerie Hawthorne.

Dahlia mugshot

Dahlia Hawthorne.

Hawthorne is a family surname that may refer to:

  • Dahlia Hawthorne - former literature student at Ivy University, now deceased.
  • Valerie Hawthorne - police sergeant and Dahlia's stepsister, now deceased.
  • The unnamed father of Dahlia and Iris. Also Valerie's stepfather. Little information is given on him, other than that he left Morgan Fey, the mother of his twin daughters, when she failed to become the Master of Kurain. Married Valerie's mother and became a jeweler.
  • The unnamed mother of Valerie and stepmother to Dahlia. Second wife of Dahlia and Iris's father. Presumably took on the name "Hawthorne" when she remarried.

Family history[]

  • 1993-4: Dahlia Hawthorne and her twin sister Iris are born to an unnamed jeweler and Morgan Fey.
  • Between 1998-9[1] and 2008: Dahlia's father divorces Morgan Fey and marries the mother of Valerie Hawthorne. Iris is abandoned at Hazakura Temple.
  • 2008:
    • February?: Dahlia stages a fake kidnapping with the aid of her tutor Terry Fawles and Valerie in an attempt to steal a diamond from her father. Fawles pretends to kidnap Dahlia while Valerie brings the diamond to Dusky Bridge as ransom. Dahlia betrays Fawles by jumping into Eagle River with the diamond in her backpack and disappears. Fawles is convicted and sentenced to death for her apparent murder.
  • 2013:
    • February 14: Fawles escapes police custody and calls Valerie asking her to meet him on Dusky Bridge. Dahlia murders Valerie at the bridge and hides the body in the trunk of Fawles' car. Fawles is arrested for Valerie's murder.
    • February 16: Dahlia appears as a witness in Fawles' trial for Valerie's murder. Fawles commits suicide.
    • August 27: Dahlia poisons defense attorney Diego Armando in the District Court cafeteria with poison from her bottle necklace, then gives the necklace to Phoenix Wright in the reading room in order to hide the evidence.
  • 2014:
    • April 9: Dahlia murders Doug Swallow at Ivy University.
    • April 11: Dahlia appears as a witness in the trial of Phoenix Wright for Doug Swallow's murder. Defense attorney Mia Fey exposes the truth behind the murder and Dahlia is arrested.
  • 2019:
    • January: Dahlia is executed for the murder of Doug Swallow.
    • February 7: Dahlia's spirit is channeled by Misty Fey at Hazakura Temple. Dahlia attempts to kill Maya Fey, but is stabbed by Godot, resulting in Misty's death.
    • February 10: Dahlia, channeled by Maya Fey, appears as a witness in the trial of Iris for the murder of Misty Fey.

Other family members[]

  • Possibly Iris, Dahlia's twin sister, although her surname is never given so it could be "Fey" instead.


  • In the Japanese version, the surname is "Miyanagi" (美柳). This is a name that is meant to evoke a feeling of tranquillity.
  • The surname "Hawthorne" is a reference to famous author Nathaniel Hawthorne, who wrote Rappaccini's Daughter, a short story in which a man falls in love with a woman who has a strong poison coursing through her veins and can kill anything with a simple touch.[2]
  • The French version's surname "Plantule" means "seedling".

See also[]

  • Fey clan - a family related to the Hawthorne family by marriage.


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