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Hazakura Temple
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Owned by Fey clan
Entrance Main Gate (Hazakura Temple)
Relevant cases Bridge to the Turnabout
Maya Fey
It's way up in the mountains, and I bet it's nice and cold. ...Just perfect for training!

Hazakura Temple is a secluded temple in Eagle Mountain that serves as a popular retreat resort for spirit mediums. It traditionally houses members of the Fey clan who are tasked to protect the Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique and her offspring. Bikini is currently the only such member.


Hazakura Temple is about two hours away from Los Angeles by car. Nearby is the Heavenly Hall, and beyond that is an island containing the Inner Temple, which contains some of the spiritual training courses that Hazakura offers. The island is accessible only through Dusky Bridge. The entire area is under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles police force.

Murder at the temple[]


The shrine maidens of the temple

Main article: Bridge to the Turnabout

In 2001, Morgan Fey's husband left Kurain Village with his two daughters, Dahlia Hawthorne and Iris. Later, he gave Iris to Bikini for her to raise at Hazakura Temple as a nun. In 2013, Iris left for eight months, to pose as her sister and date Phoenix Wright at Ivy University.

Seventeen years later, the temple was advertised in the magazine Oh! Cult! This attracted Pearl Fey, Maya Fey, and Phoenix Wright to the temple, while a plot by Morgan Fey and Dahlia Hawthorne to kill Maya prompted Godot and Elise Deauxnim to go as well, followed by Deauxnim's student Larry Butz. During this gathering, Deauxnim was murdered and a lightning strike burned Dusky Bridge, trapping Maya, Pearl and Godot on the island containing the Inner Temple. Through the efforts of everyone involved, as well as the police force, Miles Edgeworth and Franziska von Karma, the bridge was repaired and the investigation was completed; although Iris was named as the prime suspect, Wright proved that Godot was the real killer, who had been forced to stab Deauxnim, who had channeled Dahlia Hawthorne, to save Maya. Although she was acquitted of murder, Iris was still guilty of being an accomplice, leaving Bikini as the sole nun at the temple.