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Heavenly Hall
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Heavenly Hall.png
People to meet Larry Butz
Pearl Fey
Linked locations Dusky Bridge
Locations in Eagle Mountain
Hazakura TempleHeavenly HallInner TempleDusky BridgeHazakura area.png
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Heavenly Hall is a small, fragile shack near Hazakura Temple. No electricity runs through it. Larry Butz took up residency there after discovering his "true calling" of painting, and there he waited for his 'true love', Iris. He witnessed the transportation of a body across Eagle River and the lightning strike that set the bridge ablaze.

Larry Butz invited Pearl Fey to stay at the Heavenly Hall, which he had dubbed "The Loser's Shack". Pearl Fey considered herself a loser like the 25-year-old man because she was unable to channel Dahlia Hawthorne, though it wasn't her fault.


Dusky Bridge is visible from Heavenly Hall.

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