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Heavenly Hall
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Heavenly Hall
People to meet Larry Butz
Pearl Fey
Linked locations Dusky Bridge
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Heavenly Hall is a small, fragile shack without electricity near Hazakura Temple that has a good view of Dusky Bridge.

View from the Hall[]

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Larry Butz took up residency at the structure after discovering his "true calling" of painting. It was at Heavenly Hall that Butz witnessed lightning striking and setting ablaze Dusky Bridge, as well as a figure subsequently appearing to fly over the burning bridge.

"The Loser's Shack"[]

Butz invited Pearl Fey to stay at the Heavenly Hall after the murder of Elise Deauxnim and disappearance of Maya Fey. Butz began dubbing it "The Loser's Shack", with both Pearl and Butz feeling sorry for themselves for different reasons.