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Hershel Layton
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Hershel Layton
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Professor Hershel Layton is a famous archaeology professor fascinated with puzzles. His love of puzzles has solved numerous mysteries and put his name in the papers many times. He travels with his apprentice Luke Triton.

Under mysterious circumstances, both Triton and himself were transported to Labyrinthia, as were Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey.

Early life[]

See the Professor Layton wiki.

Adventures in Labyrinthia[]

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Layton is a calm, logical, and intelligent man with a love of puzzles and tea. He views himself as a gentleman, which means that he must always maintain his composure, even in dire situations, and act in a brave, kind, and caring manner; this disposition is also what motivates him to help others, which he normally does via his intelligence, but will use his athleticism and skill with a sword if needed. Layton is very protective of his friends, which is most notably seen with his apprentice, Luke Triton.


  • "Hershel" may come from the German surname "Herschel", which in turn possibly comes from "hirsch", meaning deer. It was normally given to hunters or those "nimble like a deer", perhaps referencing Layton's hunt for puzzles or his nimble mind. It may have been chosen in reference to John Herschel, an English astronomer who wrote to William Lassell after Neptune's discovery to suggest that he search for possible moons. Lassell did so and discovered Triton. If so, this would link his name with that of his assistant Luke Triton.
  • "Layton" is a surname derived from various place names in England, possibly coming from "settlement by the watercourse", from Old English "lād" ("watercourse") + "tūn" ("enclosure"). Presumably it was chosen for its "English-ness". It could also possibly be a play on "Latin", as a reference to his intellectualism.


  • When acting as the inquisition during The Last Inquisitor, a few of Layton's animations are reminiscent of those of Miles Edgeworth, such as shrugging while shaking his head and slamming the desk with one palm. This may be an intentional reference on the developers' part, as Layton's role of friend turned rival was a major part of Edgeworth's character development.
  • Layton's tenure as inquisitor makes him the first playable, in-court prosecutor.


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