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Holding cell
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The detention center contains a holding cell used for detaining criminal suspects. A partial map of the detention center indicates that there are at least eight cells in the detention center, one of which held Horace Knightley after his arrest.


A bed, a toilet and a sink are provided for basic needs. A security camera situated just outside the cell can peer into a small portion of the cell, and it can be seen from a mirror near the sink. A desk with a bookshelf and a food menu is also provided. Aside from the standard meals for detainees, additional food from the menu can be delivered if they pay with their own money. The first meal of the day is determined by shaking dice. The bookshelf contains books written by current and former prisoners.

Murder incidentEdit

Main article: The Imprisoned Turnabout

When Horace Knightley was arrested under charges of an attempted assassination of President Di-Jun Huang of Zheng Fa, he was detained in the holding cell. By this time, however, a prison inmate named Jay Elbird had dug a tunnel leading to the holding cell from his own cell. The day after Knightley's arrest, he and a guard escort were attacked by Elbird. The prisoner wiped a bloodstain on the floor near the bed using a nearby newspaper, then stole the keys to the holding cell and returned to prison, planning to escape the next day. When other prison guards were made aware of the scene, they blamed Knightley for the attack and searched for the keys to no avail.

During Knightley's stay, he engaged in correspondence chess matches with his friend Simon Keyes. Unbeknownst to him, however, he was not actually playing against his friend; his real opponent was Sirhan Dogen, an assassin who was being held at the prison. Patricia Roland, the prison warden, intercepted Knightley's mail and suspected that the man was one of Dogen's henchmen. The night after Elbird's attack, Roland called Knightley out of the holding cell to interrogate him.

The next morning, Elbird returned to the holding cell to make his escape, using a security guard's uniform that had been stolen for him. Before he could open the door, however, his pet polar bear Rocky chased after and latched onto him, resulting in a struggle that was partially caught on the security camera. The camera did not catch Elbird's face, and thanks to Frank Sahwit's mud packs, Rocky was covered in mud, making him appear dark. Elbird reluctantly returned to the prison again to wait for another opportunity, only to learn that Knightley had been found dead inside a prison workroom.

Miles Edgeworth, the prosecutor in charge of Knightley's case, soon learned of the murder and conducted an investigation. During his investigation of the holding cell, Edgeworth learned of the security footage of Elbird's escape attempt, but mistook Elbird for Knightley and mistook Rocky for Dogen's dog Anubis. This led him to believe that Anubis had killed Knightley in the holding cell. He corrected this theory after discovering Elbird's tunnel.

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