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Holland was the lead singer for the famous rock band Bird Wing. He was murdered during the band's final live performance.


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After Holland decided to strike out on his own as a solo artist, the band began preparations for their final concert, with Holland writing one last song before the band broke up. Fellow band member Byran grew resentful of Holland's selfish actions, leading to the guitarist deciding to kill him on the day of the final concert.


After the band finished performing their last song, the crowd began calling for an encore. While the lights were dimmed, Byran used the opportunity to sneak into the SFX room and open a hatch leading to the understage. Holland soon fell into the the hatch and Byran used glow-in-the-dark paint he had left on the stage floor before the concert to guide himself to the hatch. He then used a bowling ball he had with him to kill Holland by aiming for the paint, crushing Holland's skull. However, a subsequent investigation by Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth managed to expose Byran as the culprit.