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Rayfa Padma Khura'in
O Holy Mother! We hold this Divination Séance in your name!

The Holy Mother is the founder of the Kingdom of Khura'in, as well as the patron deity of the Khura'inese faith. She, along with her sister, Lady Kee'ra, founded the kingdom in the 7th century CE. Owing to her religious significance, depicting her face is greatest taboo of all in Khura'inism. As such, nobody in Khura'in, not even royalty, knows how she looks like, nor are there any public paintings or artworks of her depicting her face. It is only when the riddle of the Founder's Orb is solved that her true face is revealed. Her true name, which is never revealed, is only known by the Queens of Khura'in, meaning that Ga'ran and Amara are the only living persons to know this. It is said that her spiritual powers are without equal, and that all spirit mediums are direct descendants of her. It is also said that, if she is ever summoned through spirit channeling (by knowing her face and her true name), she will grant immense spiritual power to whoever summoned her.


The Holy Mother had black hair, kept her eyes shut, and a red flower tattoo on her forehead. Her face isn't on any artwork except the Founder's Orb.

Murals show she wore a pink shirt with red and gold sleeves with gold, green, and purple triangle trim, a long pink skirt with a white ribbon on her waist, and a purple beaded necklace with a green Magatama. She had a golden crown with golden Magatamas with a green gem in the middle, a pink lotus, white fabric on the back, and a gold circle over it.


  • Her Japanese name "Shiso-sama" (始祖さま) simply means "the founder".
  • Her English name may come from the Virgin Mary or from the Holy Ghost, as Khura'inism shares some similarities with Christianity.


  • The Holy Mother's design appears to be based on Guanyin, an East Asian bodhisattva associated with compassion and more commonly known in English as the "Goddess of Mercy". The Holy Mother could also be said to resembles Christian depictions of the Virgin Mary, as the similarities between the two were such that statuettes of the Virgin Mary were sometimes disguised as Guanyin by persecuted Christians in Japan.

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