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Hoot is an owl owned by the Storyteller.


  • His English name is simply the typical call of an owl.
  • "Lulu", his French name, likely comes from "hululement", the French for the hoot of an owl.
  • "Gufin", his Italian name, likely comes from "gufo", the Italian word for "owl".
  • "Ululo", his Spanish name, is derived from "ulular" ("hoot" in Spanish).
  • "Oehoe", his Dutch name, is a word used to refer to both the Eurasian eagle-owl and the typical sound an owl makes (i.e., an owl's hoot) in Dutch.


When Hoot flies, he can be heard to audibly flap his wings; this is an oversight on the developers' part, as most owls fly silently.

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