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The Hope probe was an unmanned spacecraft launched by GYAXA's Cosmos Space Center in 2020 with the aim of acquiring asteroid samples for study.

HAT-1 sabotage[]

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Hope probe

The Hope probe.

The goal of the HAT-1 mission was to send the Hope probe into the asteroid belt to collect samples. However, on October 7, 2020, an international spy known as the phantom infiltrated the Cosmos Space Center to sabotage the rocket and erase incriminating information about himself. In the robotics lab, the phantom encountered Metis Cykes, whom he knew had built a psychological profile on him using a voice recording from him, and killed her. However, before he could make his getaway, Athena Cykes entered the room, saw her mother lying dead, and attacked him with a GYAXA standard-issue utility knife. The phantom managed to knock her unconscious, but not before she landed a blow, cutting his right hand and causing some of his blood to land on a moon rock in the room.

Since the blood on the moon rock could help reveal his identity, the phantom hid it inside a capsule that was to go inside the Hope probe, hoping to destroy it along with the probe and the HAT-1. Despite the sabotage, however, the HAT-1 survived and succeeded in sending the probe off. All that the phantom could do was wait until the probe returned to Earth, seven years later.

HAT-2 sabotage[]

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Dead Clay

Terran lying dead next to the Hope capsule.

The night after the probe returned, the Cosmos Space Center prepared to launch another rocket, the HAT-2 mission. However, the phantom struck again, planting bombs on the rocket and elsewhere in the building. These events forced astronaut Clay Terran into Boarding Lounge 1 carrying the Hope capsule, where he was stabbed by the phantom. This was witnessed by robotics engineer Aura Blackquill as she was climbing down a ladder next to a window into Boarding Lounge 1. The spy was about to take the capsule when he was discovered by Yuri Cosmos. The phantom fired in his general direction, then quickly escaped. One of his bombs was defused before it could detonate, and it was submitted to police as evidence.

Solomon Starbuck was put on trial for both the murder and the bombing. However, the phantom managed to steal back the remote switch for the remaining bomb, and he set it off during the trial in an effort to obliterate the capsule. The bombing reduced Courtroom No. 4 to rubble, but as it later turned out, a piece of the moon rock had survived and had been collected along with the bomb fragments, believed to be a part of the bomb itself. This rock fragment was used to prove the phantom's identity once and for all, and he was arrested for his numerous crimes.


  • The Hope probe may be a reference to the Hayabusa, the first spacecraft to successfully retrieve a sample from an asteroid while safely returning to earth. The mission was conducted by the Japanese space agency JAXA (which GYAXA may be named after) and similarly returned after approximately 7 years.