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Gatewater Imperial Hotel Lobby
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Hotel Lobby
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The lobby of the Gatewater Imperial Hotel was the would-be location of a fateful and suddenly-announced press conference with the Nickel Samurai, which would take place after the 2018 Hero of Heroes Grand Prix that was being hosted by the hotel. It was said that the actor who played the Nickel Samurai, Matt Engarde, would appear in costume and reveal something to the awaiting crowd. However, it was actually a plan concocted by his rival Juan Corrida and Engarde's manager, Adrian Andrews, to destroy Engarde's reputation. The press conference was canceled when Corrida was murdered prior to the appointed time.

Aftermath of Corrida's murderEdit

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Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey and Pearl Fey happened to be attending the Grand Prix, and they had congregated in the lobby when the murder was discovered. Just as they were set to investigate, Maya was informed by a strange-looking bellboy that she had a telephone call. This caused her to leave Wright and Pearl and resulted in her kidnapping, with a ransom of Matt Engarde's acquittal for the murder.

Throughout the investigation, Wendy Oldbag regularly guarded this area, armed with her "laser gun" and wearing a bizarre spacesuit uniform, and constantly hampering Wright's investigation.

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