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Hotti Clinic
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Organization info
Organization type Private clinic
Leader Director Hotti
Location info
People to meet "Director Hotti"
Franziska von Karma
Miles Edgeworth
An unnamed nurse
Available evidence License Photo
Linked locations Wright & Co. Law Offices
Kurain Village
Hmm, yes... We treat all sorts of... doctory, clinical stuff, uh, huh, yes...
Phoenix Wright
D-Doctory, clinical stuff?
Well, I don't actually know or particularly care about the details. Hoh, hoh.

The Hotti Clinic is a health clinic whose notable patients have included Mimi Miney, Franziska von Karma, and a patient who claimed to be Director Hotti. Said "director" claimed that the clinic is for transferees from a large general hospital nearby, usually when said hospital is at maximum capacity. The clinic also handles some plastic surgery.

Reception layout[]

Phoenix Wright has only seen the reception area of the clinic, which consisted of a waiting area, a reception desk, and a corridor leading to the X-ray room. The waiting area consists of sofas lined up in front of a television, although there were not very many patients present during Wright's visits. The reception desk often appears to be unmanned and has a monthly "Word to the Wise" on the wall. During Wright's first visit, this was "Do something in vain, and your only reward is tiredness", which Wright felt was not the best thing for the clinic to be telling their patients. A patient undergoing rehabilitation can often be seen making very slow progress on a pair of crutches, so slow in fact that Wright was shocked to find apparently the same man exactly where he had last seen him on a previous visit.

Recent history[]

At some point during May 2016, Mimi Miney was sent from the general hospital to the Hotti Clinic for surgery after her automobile accident. Due to severe burns, the doctors needed a picture as a reference to reconstruct her face. Mimi gave the doctors the photo from the driver's license of her late sister, Ini Miney, intending to start a new life. Mimi lived her sister's life after her release six months later.

After Maya Fey was accused of murdering Turner Grey, Wright's investigation led him to the clinic for information on "Ini Miney". After meeting with an old, perverted patient pretending to be Director Hotti, Wright unearthed enough information to prove "Ini's" true identity and that she had killed Grey.

The Hotti Clinic was also where Franziska von Karma was brought after being shot in the shoulder by a mystery gunman.

One year later, Phoenix Wright survived a fall into Eagle River and was admitted to the Hotti Clinic with a cold.


  • In the Japanese version, it is called the Hotta Clinic. This may be a play on the word "bottakuri" (ぼったくり) meaning "overcharged" or "ripped off".
  • The English name of the clinic is likely meant to be a play on "hottie", referencing the fake director's obsession with pretty patients.