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Hugh O’Conner is a cool-headed and confident third-year student at Themis Legal Academy, where he is studying to become a defense attorney. Often seen reading through the Six Laws Compendium, he is considered a genius by many of his fellow students, since he is deemed a perfectionist by his perfect scores. O’Conner is considered an ace of the school's archery club and normally carries a bow around with him.

However, he has a habit of looking down on others and is said to point an arrow at those who oppose him. He is friendly with judge student Juniper Woods, and there are rumors at the school that he is involved in a love triangle for her affections with hot-headed prosecutor student Robin Newman.



Hugh O’Conner's mugshot.

  • His Japanese family name comes from the word "shizuka" (静か/閑か), meaning "quiet" or "peaceful". Part of his name also contains the word "ya", meaning "arrow", referring to him being skilled at archery.
  • "Rei" (冷), his Japanese given name, means "cold" or "zero", referencing the fact that his test scores are artificially inflated and his lowly job as a construction worker. "Rei" is also part of the term "reisei" (冷静), which means "calm" or "composure", referencing his supposedly cold personality.
  • The "O" in his name can be seen as the number zero, referring to his less than stellar scores, and Conner refers to Means being conned into raising O'Conner's scores.
  • Hugh derives from Hugo, a name which commonly means "intelligence." His full name also sounds similar to the phrase "you're a goner".


  • O'Conner and Newman are polar opposites in personalities and the color of their uniforms. It is a common theme in popular culture for two linked individuals to have one have a red color scheme and the other a blue color scheme. The red individual tends to be extroverted, hot-blooded, and enthusiastic, while their blue opposite tends to be more introverted, intellectual, and proud.

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