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An identity card record for the police department evidence room was a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Bruce Goodman.

Goodman's murder[]

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Jake Marshall gave Wright the record in an attempt to show the IDs of the people who had entered the evidence room on the day of the incident with Mike Meekins. Dick Gumshoe identified one of the IDs as Miles Edgeworth, who had been asked to pick up a piece of evidence from a past case. During the second day of the trial of Lana Skye, Meekins revealed that he had entered it twice using his ID, which was number 4989596. Later, Wright established that Goodman had really been killed in the evidence room, and, by process of elimination, deduced that it had occurred at 4:20, at the hand of "7777777". This was then used to connect Damon Gant to the crime, as Gant's safe number was 7777777.


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