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iFly Airlines
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Organization type Commercial airline
Leader Hugo Ifly (founder; deceased)
Organizational structure Current staff:

Former staff:

Status Active
Relevant cases Turnabout Airlines

iFly Airlines is a luxury air flight company with services in the United States, Borginia, and Zheng Fa. One of the companys airplanes was the scene of a murder on Mar. 12, 2019. The company's mascot is Mr. Ifly.


The company was founded by Hugo Ifly, and to commemorate this, memorial statues have been erected on at least one of the iFly Airlines planes, Flight I-390. Although the statues on said plane were almost identical, they portrayed Ifly at different stages in his life, one when he was 40 years old and the other when he was 80.

Other names considered for the airline company were "GoYou Airlines" and "i*heart*Fly-----------ing".


The crew of each iFly Airlines includes several flight attendants, with each one being assigned to a different class. Attendants share rooms with colleagues assigned to the same class as them.

Flight I-390[]

Among the attendants on Flight I-390 were:


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Cammy Meele, one of the attendants on Flight I-390, was part of Quercus Alba's smuggling ring, and was placed with iFly Airlines in order to assist with the transportation of documents and other items. The Alif Red statue, which was being transported by an art dealer, was smuggled out at Zheng Fa and replaced with a replica, for which Meele signed the paperwork. Although she attempted to frame another attendant, one of the passengers managed to uncover the truth.


The new line of jumbo jets from iFly are due to have pink walls and yellow seats, as designed by Rhoda Teneiro.


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Flight I-390

  • Japanese - GoYou Airlines (ゴーユーエアライン)
    • GoYou seems to follow the naming convention of the AirDo airline company (エアドゥ), which was formerly known as Hokkaido International Airlines. The name is derived from a mix of "air" and "dou" (道), the latter of which is short for Hokkaido. While it remains unclear as to what the "You" part of "GoYou" stands for, depending on the kanji used and given the context, it could mean, "sun", "far off/distant", "shine", "young" or "play".
    • A homage to this is made in the English version, which mentions "GoYou" as one of the rejected names for the airline company.
  • English - iFly Airlines
    • Although there is a real-life I-Fly, which is a Russian charter airline, the English name "iFly" is more likely a reference to the trend of having a lower case "i" at the beginning of the names of some products. Examples include the iPod, iTunes, and the BBC iPlayer. According to Rhoda Teneiro, the "i" comes from "I love you".


  • The uniforms were originally supposed to be a light carnation with pink stripes. Likewise, there was only to be one stripe on each uniform.