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The IS-7 Incident refers to a murder that took place in the mansion of Jeff Master on December 24, 2000. It directly led to the DL-6 Incident and indirectly affected the SS-5 Incident. The incident revolved around the trial of a famous television chef, Jeff Master, who had been accused of killing Isaac Dover. His defense attorney, Gregory Edgeworth, faced the infamous prosecutor Manfred von Karma. He lost the case, but he managed to prove that von Karma had to manipulate the autopsy report, since the victim's body was never found. As a result, Master was charged with accomplice to murder instead and von Karma was given a penalty, the first and only one he had ever received. The case was put on hold for 18 years, because the witness and only other suspect, Dane Gustavia, fled to Zheng Fa.

The incident[]

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Famous TV chef, Jeff Master, decided to hold a competition at his mansion to see who was the greatest pastry chef in the world. The prize was a "recipe book", Angel's Recipe, containing experimental drugs which included cures for both hypogeusia and ageusia, Master decided that he would give it to someone he respected as it was highly sought after. Aside from Master himself, there were three known competitors: Dane Gustavia, who wanted the book to cure his ageusia, Pierre Hoquet, under the pseudonym, Isaac Dover, who wanted to sell the book for a lot of money, and Delicia Scones, a spy sent by the Master Group in order to keep the book to itself. Dover and Gustavia lacked certain skills, so they decided to collaborate together even though the Contest Rules stated this was cheating, Gustavia made the sweets and Dover sculpted them. The set of sculptures made of frozen sherbet and modeled after the 12 constellations of the zodiac.

Horace and Simon being saved.

However, before the final round, Dover, seeing he had everything he needed to win, broke their collaboration and refused to sculpt Gustavia's batches of sherbet. To make matters worse, Dover had his own son, Horace, tie Gustavia's son, Simon, in a freezing car so he couldn't use him to taste his sweets, those two were eventually saved by the blind assassin Sirhan Dogen and his dog Anubis.

Hoquet catching Gustavia.

Knowing there's no way he'd win the competition now, Dane Gustavia decided to sneak into Master's room during the afternoon tea and take a picture of the cure for his hypogeusia in the Angel's Recipe book. Dover, however, walked in, found out about his condition, and mocked his former collaborator. Gustavia attacked him but Dover landed the first blow and Gustavia struck his head on one of the two rock salt lamps that Master confiscated from Scones, getting his blood on it. Dover then threatened to expose his condition and attempt of thievery to the world unless he paid a hefty fee. Gustavia responded to this by grabbing the other salt lamp to deliver a blow to Pierre Hoquet's head, killing him.

Gustavia decided to frame Delicia Scones for the murder because he had learned that her entry was merely a thin layer of confectionery over a model base, therefore she also cheated. He cleared his own blood off the rock salt lamp by mixing it into the lyre of Hoquet's sculpture, hid both lamps inside Scones's dessert, and hid Hoquet's body in the treasure chest of Master's creation, wrapped in one of Scones's fluorescent cloths. Gustavia also planned to freeze the body in order to throw off the time of death, then dispose of the lyre containing his blood.

However, Scones sneaked into Master's room and sampled some of the desserts there, including the chocolate ship. Later, while Master was judging Gustavia's entry, the ship fell down and broke open the treasure chest below, causing Master's assistant and adopted daughter, Katherine Hall, to enter the room to investigate the noise, and discover the body. She realized that Dover was actually Pierre Hoquet after seeing his signet crest next to the body. She took a photograph of the scene, and called the police to report the discovery. Gustavia then moved Dover to be frozen inside the Gemini sculpture as he had planned. But since the body was discovered early in his room, Jeff Master was arrested for the murder of Isaac Dover instead of Delicia Scones.

Summoning and trial[]

The original detective assigned to this case was Rip Lacer, but he was moved to interrogations and replaced by Tyrell Badd. The prosecutor was the legendary, undefeated Manfred von Karma. Jeff Master hired veteran defense attorney Gregory Edgeworth and his assistant Raymond Shields to defend him.

Katherine Hall went to Hoquet's room with her camera, where she took several photos of his final works. Seeing that the police would damage them during their investigation, she then removed the sculptures one by one and hid them in the mansion's freezer, unaware that Dover's body was inside one of them. She used a tablecloth and baggage lift making the set-up look like a tea cart. She also melted the unfinished sculptures, and later claimed that she must have tripped over the refrigerator wires as she was taking pictures, causing all of the sculptures to melt.

The trial lasted a whole year due to a lack of evidence, throughout which Gregory's son Miles would watch from the gallery. The Autopsy report von Karma had was written by Bonnie Young, he did not hear about Dover's body having gone missing by Chief Prosecutor Blaise Debeste, who was told by Lacer, before indicting Master. But Edgeworth knew about the missing body so he tried to prove that the evidence was falsified in court. However, von Karma had the backing of the police force that the autopsy report was legitimate. After von Karma had Lacer threaten to Master that Hall would be indicted, Master confessed to being an accomplice. Having requested that Badd record Master's interrogations, Edgeworth showed the recording of the confession in court, proving Master was coerced. Even so, Master didn't want the trial to continue, and was found guilty.


Although he won the trial, Manfred von Karma was penalized by Blaise Debeste, the only penalty he ever received in all his years as a prosecutor. Rip Lacer was also fired from his job as a police detective due to the forced confession. These two acts were done to cover up the fact that he coerced Young to make the fake autopsy. Edgeworth, on the other hand, planned to repeal Master's conviction. But not long after the trial, an earthquake struck the courthouse, leading to the DL-6 Incident, where von Karma murdered Edgeworth over the penalty he received.

With Edgeworth's death, Shields inherited his law practice and served as Master's new attorney. However, Isaac Dover's murderer was never caught, and so Master would not retract his confession. Von Karma, meanwhile, handed oversight of the case to another prosecutor.

Following Jeff Master's conviction, Katherine Hall was kicked out of Master's mansion by his family. Even so, Hall would manage to build a successful career as a world-famous actress. She would also visit Master in prison daily, even when Shields couldn't.

Reopening and resolution[]

Pierre Hoquet's frozen corpse is finally found.

Three years after DL-6 was resolved, Edgeworth, with the help of his father's old partner, Shields, solved the IS-7 Incident and was able to figure out that Gustavia killed Dover when Hall tried to poison Gustavia as revenge. Though Gustavia believed the statute of limitations on the case had already expired (even accounting for his time spent in Zheng Fa), it had been extended one further year because Master was convicted as an accomplice. Master's false charge allowed for Gustavia's arrest after 18 years, but with the question of whether or not his arrest would hold after clearing the false charge (thereby shortening the statute of limitations). With Dane Gustavia arrested, Jeff Master was finally set free.

A few days later, the new light involving Blaise Debeste was shed on DL-6 through examination of the IS-7 case files. As such, Manfred von Karma never learned the impetus behind the events leading to Gregory Edgeworth's death.


This case's Reminiscences theme, "Reminiscences - The IS-7 Incident", has a similar leitmotif to "Reminiscences - The DL-6 Incident", which is fitting, as the IS-7 Incident directly leads into the DL-6 Incident.


  • Of the modern-era's alphanumerically named cases, the IS-7 is the first to occur. Indeed, the events of this case catalyze a significant portion of the series' overarching story, and its long-reaching consequences - both positive and negative - are still felt over twenty-five years after the fact.