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Ignaize spell

The section on Ignaize in the Grand Grimoire.

Ignaize is listed in the Grand Grimoire as one of the possible spells usable by witches in Labyrinthia. It is described as an inferno spell that summons a circle of flame within a one meter radius of the caster.

In reality, the fire is created using a portable flamethrower device that the Shades set up while everyone is unconscious due to the silver bells they carry. If a person is "incinerated", they are kidnapped by the Shades to simulate their death.


  • Its English name is a combination of "ignite" and "blaze."
  • "Flamaris", its name in the French localization, comes from "flamme", meaning "fire".
  • In German localization, the spell is called "Inflammatio", which is the Latin word for "conflagration/inflammation".
  • The spell's Italian name is "Fulgeo", which means "to shine" in Latin.
  • In the Dutch version the spell is called "Ignis", which comes from the Latin for "fire".
  • The spell's Spanish name is "Inferno", which means "hell" in Italian.

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