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In Sholmes's Suite
The Randst Magazine - Episode 4

Episode 4: In Sholmes's Suite is the fourth The Randst Magazine downloadable episode for The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures, and is set after the events of The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro.

March 9[]

8:23 AM

In the flat of Herlock Sholmes, Ryunosuke Naruhodo has just received a mysterious envelope. Inside were five orange pips surprising Susato Mikotoba. She says that it an assassination threat, but the sender is labeled Sholmes. Last night during Susato's Japanese dinner, Naruhodo ate a piece of food Sholmes wanted. Sholmes says the warning was fair. Susato reveals that the five orange pips come from a Sholmes story of the same name. It was finally published with twelve more short stories. Sholmes says he's so famous he recently got a request from the king of Bohemia. He disguised himself as a fish vendor but Sholmes noticed the left side of his mustache twitching. Iris Wilson smells fire and Naruhodo demands he needs to get his stuff from the attic. But Wilson was just kidding, Sholmes showed this as a psychology trick. It was in the Sholmes book too, he used the trick to blow lots of cases wide open. Susato didn't react because she already read about it and Wilson was just used to it. Sholmes even mentions that he was once referred to as "the boy who cried wolf" because he started using this tactic particularly often. Of course, in the end, he believes it to be a failure. He wants a new telescope, but is a pound short. He was hoping Wilson would reach for her secret savings, but she didn’t do anything at all. Wilson retorts that there’s no way she’d lose to Sholmes's pranks.

Sholmes then tells the group about the various tactics used on his cases. He mentions the Boscombe Valley Mystery, and how nobody is better at tracking footprints than he is. Though the prints he managed to track were his own, leading back to his own flat, but the case was still solved.

Naruhodo wants to know what the "in the end" business is, so Sherlock tells him he should read it in the book that Wilson wrote, since she wrote it up quite beautifully. Then Wilson starts to smell smoke again. Naruhodo looks accusingly at Sherlock, but he’s adamant that this has nothing to do with him. This time, they actually start to see the smoke, and Susato and Naruhodo begin to run. Susato disappears completely and Sholmes smashes the Napoleon bust to reveal his own secret stash of money. Wilson fooled Sholmes into revealing that. She wants the newly released herb landscape gardening set but she's four pounds short. Despite Sholmes telling her that he has no money, this obviously he in fact does. Now she's going to borrow some.

Susato runs back down in a huff, wondering why everyone is just standing there. Wilson announces it was her own great prank and they all laugh about it, glad that they’re all safe. They all ask Susato what she went to reach for and she tries to hide it. But Wilson sees it's actually the long record of Naruhodo's cases up until now. Naruhodo asks why she would try and get that and she replies that she is his legal assistant. This book of their cases together is well worth her life to try and retrieve. They are, after all, precious records of their time together. This makes Naruhodo think he's going to cry and Herlock Sholmes remarks that it's a far cry from a certain someone who tried to save a daruma.

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