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In a First-Class Cabin
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Wherever a great detective goes, great cases occur. Indeed, I am the root of all evil.

"Episode 2: In a First-Class Cabin" is the second Escapade in The Randst Magazine from The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures. Taking place three days before the events of The Adventure of the Unbreakable Speckled Band, two men visit Kazuma Asogi's cabin in first class on the SS Burya to look for a dinner thief who had taken advantage of a brief power failure. The first, calling himself a great detective, uses this opportunity to showcase his reasoning abilities, while Asogi desperately tries to draw attention away from the stowaway hiding in his wardrobe, Ryunosuke Naruhodo.

January 6[]

6:23 p.m.

Almost two weeks had passed since the SS Burya had left Japan and headed toward Shanghai, China. A visitor knocked on Kazuma Asogi's door, claiming to be a great detective. He was investigating a theft that had taken place during a power failure a short while ago. Having tracked the culprit to the first-class cabin passageway, the detective asked to investigate Asogi's cabin. Asogi tried to direct the detective to another first-class cabin, only to be told that he was the only first-class passenger present. Asogi's stomach rumbled and he suggested that they discuss this after dinner, but the detective quickly headed to the wardrobe, where Ryunosuke Naruhodo was hiding. Naruhodo suddenly sneezed, and Asogi had run out of excuses. The detective opened the door and found no one inside.

Another visitor, Seaman Bif Strogenov, arrived to investigate the theft. He searched the wardrobe, where he saw the detective, who had found three bones inside. Asogi learned that three rib steaks had been stolen from the kitchen, and a chef had seen the culprit fleeing to the first class cabin passageway. The detective suggested that the thief had fled the room using the wardrobe search as a distraction. Strogenov accused Asogi of the crime, but the detective confirmed that Asogi was too hungry to have eaten the steaks. Strogenov relented and headed elsewhere to find the culprit. It was then that Asogi and the detective could properly introduce themselves. The detective's name was Herlock Sholmes, and he told Asogi to conceal the stowaway hiding under his bed before following Strogenov.

With both investigators gone, Naruhodo revealed that he had taken advantage of a split-second distraction, when Asogi had suggested that Sholmes search the other cabins. He also admitted to stealing one rib steak, to Asogi's surprise. The latter then realized the truth and laughed, thinking to himself that he would like to get to know Sholmes a little more.