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"Episode 1: In the Defendants' Antechamber" is the first Escapade in The Randst Magazine from The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures. Taking place directly after the events of The Adventure of the Great Departure, Ryunosuke Naruhodo returns to the defendants' antechamber to look for his missing Imperial Yumei University pin badge. There, he finds the two witnesses from his earlier trial having a battle of words, leading to a real tongue-lashing.


In Defendants' Antechamber 5, Kyurio Korekuta was arguing with Iyesa Nosa over the latter's theft of the koban coin. Ryunosuke Naruhodo kept asking them to move so he could look under the bench cushion. After Naruhodo finally got their attention, Kazuma Asogi arrived to explain the situation. Naruhodo had lost his university pin badge, and had returned from his post-trial celebration to look for it. The two soon gave up, concluding that it must have been stolen, and Asogi suggested that he could just get it reissued using his student number. To Asogi's dismay, Naruhodo did not remember his number, despite only really having to remember the last three digits, owing to the small student population.

Korekuta complimented Asogi on his courtroom conduct, but the latter responded that he had a lot to learn yet. It was, in fact, Naruhodo who had reminded him of a grave weakness of his, when they first met the previous summer at the finals of a student debate competition. Believing that he would win easily, Asogi instead stumbled on the closing line of his speech and was unable to finish, even inviting some heckling from the audience. Naruhodo ended up winning with his own simple, but perfectly delivered speech.

After this ordeal, Naruhodo explained to Asogi that speaking quickly was his hobby. The two started attending lectures together after that. Asogi swore an oath never to forget the shock and humiliation of that day, and decided to wear a red headband as a symbol of his oath, based on a tongue twister from Naruhodo that he dedicated himself to practising: "Red headband, lead headband, dead headband." Much to his dismay, however, Naruhodo revealed that the tongue twister actually went as follows: "Red bread pan, lead bread pan, dead bread man." Naruhodo was left wondering whether Asogi was really ready to practice law in Britain, where he would have to deliver speeches in English.

References to popular culture[]

  • At the very end of the Escapade, Kazuma says "...I suppose I can always shell seasells on the sheashore." This is a reference to the iconic tongue twister, "She sells sea-shells".