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In the Defendants' Antechamber
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Episode 1: In the Defendants' Antechamber is the first The Randst Magazine downloadable episode for The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures. Taking place directly after the events of The Adventure of the Great Departure, Ryunosuke Naruhodo finds two troublemaking witnesses from his earlier trial having a battle of words in the defendant's antechamber, leading to a real tongue-lashing...

November 22[]

3:08 PM

In Defendant Lobby #5, Kyurio Korekuta was very mad at Iyesa Nosa for stealing his koban. Ryunosuke Naruhodo kept asking them to move so he can look under the bench cushion they're sitting on, but they kept on arguing. After Naruhodo finally got their attention, Kazuma Asogi arrived to explain the situation. Naruhodo lost his student badge before they went to celebrate and he's been looking everywhere for it. He thought someone stole it, much to Nosa's horror, but Asogi says he can just get it reissued using his ID number. Unfortunately, Naruhodo doesn't remember that either much to Asogi's dismay. Fortunately, there aren't many students at Imperial Yumei University, so only the final three digits are actually used. Naruhodo doesn't even remember that, he's very forgetful. Korekuta was impressed on how Asogi defended his fellow student, but Asogi says he had many flaws and Naruhodo helped him acknowledge them.

They met last summer, at the student debate competition, where a student would win with a speech with the most intensity and persuasion. Asogi had an aspiring speech, Naruhodo competed against him in the final round. Asogi thought he didn't stand a chance but he closed off his speech by saying something incredibly hard to say, a tongue twister. He was never able to get it right at the time, that's why Naruhodo won with his beautifully pronounced speech. Korekuta agreed that it must have been humiliating.

When the competition was over, Naruhodo tells Asogi that tongue twisters are his hobby. Asogi can't even say a simple one like the other men present. Asogi and Naruhodo started having debates at the restaurant in the village ever since. When he was finally able to recite a tongue twister regarding headbands he started wearing the red headband he's wearing right now. It was so he'd never forget the shock and humiliation he suffered that day. But much to his dismay and anger, Naruhodo reveals that the tongue twister was about bread pans, not headbands. Asogi admits that the Japanese language was hard, but that had nothing to do with his trip to Great Britain.