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Newspaper article about Incuritis.

Incuritis is a disease that it is ultimately fatal for those afflicted. It has no cure or treatment save for a single substance, which can be extracted from a Borginian cocoon.

Known cases[]

In 2026, the son of the Chief Justice was afflicted with Incuritis: the first known case in the country. Daryan Crescend attempted to smuggle the only known cure for the disease, derived from the illegal Borginian cocoon, into the country. However, Interpol caught wind of this plan, sending Borginian agent Romein LeTouse to investigate the famed singer, Lamiroir and her accompanying pianist, Machi Tobaye, the latter of which was an accomplice of Crescend's. The incident ultimately led to LeTouse's demise, as well as Crescend being tried and convicted for his murder before he could get the cure to the Chief Justice's son.


  • Its Japanese name, チリョーレス症候群 (chiryōresu shōkōgun), means "cureless syndrome", with チリョー referencing 治療 (cure) and レス referencing the English suffix -less.
  • The suffix "-itis" is used for medical conditions that are characterised by inflammation (e.g., arthritis), suggesting that this may be one of the symptoms of Incuritis. If this is the case, then the name "Incuritis" itself would roughly mean "incurable inflammation". However, since "-itis" is quite often used as a generic suffix for various fictional diseases, it is entirely possible that inflammation has nothing to do with the disease at all.
  • Its Chinese name, 梅耀伊综合征 (Méiyàoyī zònghézhēng), means the same as in the Japanese, with 梅耀伊 referencing 没药医, which literally means "no medicine to cure".