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Inga Karkhuul Khura'in
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Inga Karkhuul Khura'in
Heh, you lawyers are all the same. You strut your stuff till the DC Act comes down hard. Then you start begging and pleading for your lives. It's really hard to watch, I tell you.

Inga Karkhuul Haw'kohd Dis'nahm Bi'ahni Lawga Ormo Pohmpus Da'nit Ar'edi Iz Khura'in III, known simply as Inga Karkhuul Khura'in, was the Minister of Justice of Khura'in, the husband of Queen Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in, and the adoptive father of Princess Rayfa Padma Khura'in. As Minister of Justice, Inga was responsible for enforcing the Defense Culpability Act.

Inga suffered from prosopagnosia, a disorder that made it very difficult for him to recognize people's faces. Because of this, he kept a notepad where he jotted down other traits that would allow him to identify the people he met.

The foreign attorney[]

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Royal couple

With Ga'ran in the royal audience chamber.

During the trial of Ahlbi Ur'gaid, an agent of his was arrested and charged with treason and murder. After the trial, Inga introduced himself to Phoenix Wright, a lawyer from the United States who had taken on Ur'gaid's defense despite the risk to his own life for doing so. He did this under the pretense of being fascinated with the first defense attorney to win a Not Guilty verdict in twenty years, though he did not exactly disguise his passive-aggressive threats. He also made sure to jot down identifying information on Wright.

The two would later encounter each other in the royal palace. During the ensuing discussion, Wright learned of the existence of Inga's secret police and that the "cigar" in Inga's mouth was actually a stamp meant for ease of authorizing execution requests, which had a tendency to pile up extremely quickly under Ga'ran's administration.

Kidnapping of Maya Fey[]

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Several days after the trial of Maya Fey, Inga kidnapped her as part of his plan to obtain the Founder's Orb, which had ended up in the possession of the archaeologist Archie Buff, a resident of Kurain Village. Inga's plan was to obtain spiritual power through solving the orb's riddle, and use it to overthrow Ga'ran. Inga tied Fey to a chair inside Amara's Tomb, where she remained for several days until Dhurke Sahdmadhi arrived to try to rescue her. Inga shot Sahdmadhi three times in the chest, but, seeing that the latter was seemingly unaffected, got frightened and ran away. Inga returned later to find that, although Sahdmadhi had in fact succumbed to his wounds, Fey was nowhere to be found. He proceeded to hide Sahdmadhi's body inside the tomb's empty sarcophagus before wiping his blood off the floor.

Despite Fey's escape, Inga nevertheless pretended to still have her hostage in order to coerce Wright into helping him obtain the Founder's Orb. Inga had the Kurain Village politician Paul Atishon attempt to obtain the orb from Buff, and when it ended up in Sahdmadhi's possession regardless, Atishon used Fey's safety to coerce Wright into representing him in a civil lawsuit against Sahdmadhi over the ownership of the orb. During the civil trial, it was revealed that a spirit medium was needed in order to obtain the spiritual power that the orb could grant, meaning that Inga could not have afforded to harm Fey, as she was the only spirit medium available to him. As a result, Wright resigned as Atishon's attorney and the orb's ownership was granted to Sahdmadhi. Inga then called Wright, using a voice modulator at first, and was surprised to find Sahdmadhi speaking to him before realizing that he had actually perished after their initial encounter and was now being channeled by Fey. So, Inga decided to threaten Sahdmadhi instead with the safety of his wife, Amara Sigatar Khura'in, and told him to bring the orb and Fey to Amara's Tomb at 3 p.m. the following day.


Faceless Dhurke

What Inga saw in his last moments of living.

Around 2 p.m. on the day of the hostage exchange, Inga was waiting for Sahdmadhi in Amara's Tomb. He drank some sour grape juice and went over to look at a picture of the Holy Mother while talking to a subordinate who was at the Bazaar near a Warbaa'd. Suddenly, someone stabbed him in the back with a knife. Looking up to see who had stabbed him, he saw that the attacker appeared to be Sahdmadhi and tried to shoot them. He was unable to fire a bullet and heard a firecracker and Datz Are'bal laughing right before dying of blood loss. Unbeknownst to Inga, his killer was actually his own wife, Ga'ran, who had found out about his attempted coup d'etat and killed him while disguising herself in Sahdmadhi's clothes.


Crime scene photo.

Half an hour later, Inga woke up in his quarters and let out a scream, having been channeled by Amara, who was being coerced by Ga'ran into framing Sahdmadhi for the crime. Believing that he had had a nightmare and not realizing that he was already dead, Inga rushed back to the tomb to make the exchange with Sahdmadhi and was seen by Rayfa from her balcony as he did so. His return to the world of the living was short-lived, however, as Amara returned his spirit to the afterlife as soon as he entered the tomb, and his corpse was later found by Royal Guards soon after 3:15 p.m. when the exchange was supposed to be completed, with Amara channeling Sahdmadhi near the crime scene to frame him for the murder.




Inga Karkhuul Khura'in came across as a very arrogant and power-hungry man. Believing that his status as Minister of Justice made him superior to other people, he showed no regard for anybody else, casually signing execution orders while talking about it nonchalantly. When interacting with others, he was very abrasive and not above making thinly veiled threats or flaunting his power to make a point. He even claimed that being Ga'ran's husband made him King of Khura'in, which was not true as his wife was actually the one in charge.

His last encounter with Sahdmadhi showed him to be cowardly, or at least easily spooked by the latter's bluff. According to Ga'ran, he was rather submissive and easy to boss around, evident in the way he complied to Maya Fey's various demands while holding her hostage.

In contrast to all this, Inga showed genuine love toward Rayfa, keeping a photo of her and a birthday letter she had written for him in his secret safe, as well as having the combination of said safe set to her birthday.


  • Inga Karkhuul Khura'in (インガ・カルクール • クライン, Inga Karukūru Kurain):
    • "Inga" comes from "Inga" (因果), which ultimately originates from Sanskrit "hetu" (cause) and "phala" (effect, result). "Karkhuul" comes from "karakuru" (絡繰る), which means "to pull the strings".
    • "Inga" can also be translated to "karma", which, similar to Manfred von Karma, might reference the bad karma he accumulated over the years signing countless execution orders.
    • His Chinese name, "Yīnggǔo" (英果), is also a corruption of the word "yīnguǒ" (因果).
  • English - His full English name, "Inga Karkhuul Haw'kohd Dis'nahm Bi'ahni Lawga Ormo Pohmpus Da'nit Ar'edi Iz Khura'in III", is a play on "How could this name be any longer or more pompous than it already is?"
    • His full English name is the longest name of any Ace Attorney character to date, having 76 letters (88 with the spaces).
  • French - His full French name, "Inga Karkhuul Kel Nomh Bowkhou Tro'lon Pohm'peu Eh'Dur Apronh Ons'ai", is a play on "Quel nom beaucoup trop long, pompeux et dur à prononcer", which translates to "What an overly long, pompous and hard to pronounce name".
  • Japanese - His full Japanese name, "インガ・カルクール・ククルーラ・ラルバン・ギジール・ホフダラン・マダラ・ヴィラ・ヤシマ・ジャクティエール・クライン3世" (Inga Karukūru Kukurūra Raruban Gijīru Hofudaran Madara Vira Yashima Jakutiēru Kurain San-Sei), may be a reference to the Jugemu Jugemu rakugo, in which a boy is given an absurdly long name.
  • Chinese - His full Chinese name, "英果·卡爾克爾·明志曲納·摩常由·仁能季·德助瑪沃·世布厥·德拉·貞帝士·泰芙誇勒巴·蒼苑三世/英果·卡尔克尔·明志曲纳·摩常由·仁能季·德助玛沃·世布厥·德拉·贞帝士·泰芙夸勒巴·苍苑三世" (Yīnggǔo Kǎ'ěrkè'ěr Míngzhìqǔnà Móchángyóu Rénnéngjì Dézhùmǎwò Shìbùjué Délā Zhēndìshì Tàifúkuālèbā Cāngyuàn Sānshì), can translate to "Inga Karkhuul Who Can Remember Such A Long Name I Don't Think Anyone Can This Is So Ridiculous Khura'in III" (英果·卡爾克爾·名字取那麼長·有人能記得住嗎·我是不覺得啦·真的是太浮誇了吧·蒼苑三世/英果·卡尔克尔·名字取那么长·有人能记得住吗·我是不觉得啦·真的是太浮夸了吧·苍苑三世 Yīnggǔo Kǎ'ěrkè'ěr Míngzì-qǔ-nàme-cháng Yǒurén-néng-jìdezhù-ma Wǒ-shì-bù-juéde-la Zhēnde-shì-tài-fúkuā-leba Cāngyuàn Sānshì).


  • Inga has green eyes and black hair tied in a thin ponytail by an orange hair tie, and dons a mustache, a beard and green eyes. He wears a brown suit buttoned with four green gems, a magenta half cape with a chain and a gold button with red kanji, a white shirt, a red tie, black shoes, and a purple earring on his left ear. As the Khura'in Minister of Justice, he wears the Cuffs of Justice: large gold cuffs with a green pattern and red diamonds. His cigar is actually a stamp he uses to officiate documents such as death warrants. The symbols on his coat and outside his house are the kanji 大臣 meaning "minister".
  • Of all members of the Khura'in royal family (including the Sahdmadhis), Inga is the only one who does not have a unique character theme.
  • Inga is the only victim whose Divination Séance includes a sensation of taste.
  • Inga is the only murder victim in the series to have appeared in person in multiple episodes of exactly one game prior to his death, though his profile is only added when he dies. This puts him in a unique position of being a prominent character in a game's overall story whose arc is nonetheless confined to said game, while still not being actively involved in any murder cases except his own.