International Criminal Police Organization – INTERPOL
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Organization type International law enforcement agency
Status Active
Relevant cases Turnabout Airlines
The Kidnapped Turnabout
Turnabout Ablaze
Turnabout Serenade

Interpol is an organization facilitating international police cooperation.

International smuggling ring investigationEdit

Main articles: Turnabout Airlines, The Kidnapped Turnabout and Turnabout Ablaze

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Borginian cocoon smuggling investigationEdit

Main article: Turnabout Serenade

In 2026, Daryan Crescend attempted, with the help of Machi Tobaye, to smuggle a Borginian cocoon into the U.S. Borginian cocoons can be used to cure the disease Incuritis, but can also be used to make a very potent toxin. It is for the latter reason that they are forbidden from being taken out of Borginia, under pain of death. Crescend managed to smuggle one out by hiding it inside one of Klavier Gavin's guitars, during the singer's visit to the country. Interpol agent Romein LeTouse was put on the case, but was murdered by Crescend. The truth of the smuggling and murder were eventually revealed by the defense attorney Apollo Justice.

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