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The Gavinners' concert.

Klavier Gavin invited Apollo Justice and Trucy Wright to his band's "Guilty as Charged" Tour on July 7, 2026 (with a 20% discount from the regular price).

The concert[edit | edit source]

After the first set, Justice and Trucy were able to access the backstage hallway, where they met the mysterious songstress, Lamiroir, along with her blind pianist Machi Tobaye and her interpreter Romein LeTouse, who were all from Borginia. LeTouse, the only one who spoke English, acted as an interpreter for Lamiroir.

Lamiroir's performance of "The Guitar's Serenade".

Gavin's guitar catches fire.

During the second set, Lamiroir performed “The Guitar's Serenade” along with Gavin and Tobaye. A magic trick was employed during the performance to create the illusion of Lamiroir disappearing from the stage and reappearing behind the audience. However, Gavin’s guitar unexpectedly caught fire in the middle of the song. Justice and Trucy later went to the Gavinners's dressing room, where Gavin gave them a lyrics sheet for “The Guitar’s Serenade” and a promotional postcard with a picture of Lamiroir. The prosecutor was furious about the burnt guitar; he had apparently not been consulted about it. Trucy, who thought it had been planned, suggested it had gone well with the part of the lyrics Lamiroir had been singing at the time.

Later during the third set, Justice and Ema Skye, who had been hired as security detail for the concert, were talking backstage when they heard sounds like gunshots coming from Lamiroir's dressing room. They barged in the door, finding a dying LeTouse. With his dying breath, LeTouse told Justice, "Cold... Can't see... The witness... is siren..." while Skye contacted the police.

Investigation[edit | edit source]

In the backstage hallway, Justice ran into Gavin, who asked him and Trucy to keep the cause of LeTouse’s death a secret from everyone except the police. Justice signed a document agreeing to Gavin’s request. Since they could not go home, Justice and Trucy then decided to investigate. They found a headset lying on the floor in the backstage hallway, and noticed it was turned on.

Justice then moved to the crime scene, Lamiroir’s dressing room, which Skye was investigating. The victim had been shot once in the shoulder, furthermore, two bullet holes were found in the dressing room wall. Skye explained that the murder weapon was a 45-caliber revolver, a very powerful weapon, and that the first shot had missed, while the second one had gone through the victim’s shoulder and into the wall. A familiar brooch was also found on the floor near the door, and the victim was holding a heart-shaped key ring. Since the killer had already left the room when Justice and Skye went in, it appeared that they had escaped through a route other than the door, likely the air vent.

Justice and Trucy left the crime scene and briefly met a man in a silk hat and magician’s outfit similar to Trucy’s. Justice asked her about him, but she claimed not to know who he was. On the stage, they found Gavin and Daryan Crescend, who, in addition to being second guitarist for the Gavinners, was a detective at Criminal Affairs. Gavin recognized the key ring from the crime scene, saying it was his; it had apparently been missing since that morning. Additionally, Gavin and Crescend were arguing about a missed cue during the concert. Gavin showed Justice a mixing board used for recording each band member’s performance separately; it showed that Crescend had been the one to miss the cue.

The lyrics of "The Guitar's Serenade".

Trucy then noticed what appeared to be a further connection between the song lyrics and the events of the day: LeTouse’s death, the missing heart-shaped key ring, and the guitar catching fire. Everything appeared to be predicted in the lyrics.

In the Gavinners’ dressing room, they met Lamiroir, who revealed that she actually did speak English. She had already heard of LeTouse’s death, but did not know he had been murdered. Midway through the conversation, Tobaye excused himself to get some fresh air. Justice showed Lamiroir the brooch found at the crime scene, which turned out to be hers; she had lost it earlier. When Justice learned that Lamiroir was known as the “Siren of the Ballad”, he realized she must have been the “siren” LeTouse mentioned, but she neglected to answer when asked if she had really witnessed the crime. After Lamiroir and Justice finished talking, he proceeded to pick up a postcard of Lamiroir on the table and Lamiroir asked him to take one. After that, they decided to go to the scene of the crime.

An unconscious Tobaye and LeTouse's corpse on the stage.

Skye immediately reprimanded Justice for not keeping an eye on the crime scene as she had told him to, saying that the body had gone missing. Crescend then showed up, saying his guitar had also disappeared. While looking for the body, Justice noticed that the tower in the middle of the stage had been raised. He and Trucy climbed it to find two things they were looking for – the victim’s body and the missing guitar – along with one they never expected to find, an unconscious Machi Tobaye.

Tobaye was immediately arrested because he was the "only person who could have done it". This was because he was the only person who could have fit through the air vent. The next day, Gavin visited Justice at the Wright Anything Agency and said Tobaye had asked that Justice defend him in court.

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