On July 9, 2026 at the Wright Anything Agency, Apollo Justice questioned Trucy Wright about Phoenix Wright’s whereabouts. She said he was off on some sort of “secret mission”. Justice appeared skeptical about Lamiroir’s accusation at the trial. After all, Daryan Crescend had an obvious alibi: the murder had occurred during the third set, when he was on stage along with the rest of the Gavinners.

Justice and Trucy then received a visit from the man in the magician’s outfit they had met in the backstage hallway the previous day. This time, Trucy recognized him as Valant Gramarye, the former stage partner of her biological father, Zak Gramarye. Valant gave them a video tape containing a recording of Lamiroir’s performance during the concert, saying he had been the one behind the magic trick that made Lamiroir disappear. He then left, saying he would be at the Sunshine Coliseum.

Justice visited Machi Tobaye at the detention center, but could not talk to him, since he didn’t speak English. However, as he and Trucy talked to each other about the case, Justice felt his bracelet react. Thinking he might have imagined it, he decided not to pursue the issue any further. They later met Lamiroir at the Sunshine Coliseum and asked her about the illusion, but Valant had made her promise not to tell anyone how it was done. She then showed them a headset she had found on the hallway floor, the same one that had been lying there since the day of the murder. It was apparently a headset worn by everyone on staff for communication, as well as all band members, though it only worked within a 30-foot radius.

Justice then went to the stage, where he encountered Valant again. He told Justice about Magnifi Gramarye, the famous magician who had founded Troupe Gramarye, and that the troupe had ended seven years ago due to Magnifi’s death and Zak’s disappearance. Valant also mentioned that something was strange about the piano; inside it, Justice found a portable switch of sorts. Since the piano wouldn’t play right with that switch inside it, Justice deduced it had been hidden there after the concert. He returned to Lamiroir's dressing room, where Ema Skye showed them a strange device she had found under the sofa. Wondering if the two devices were connected, Justice pressed the switch, which caused the device Skye had found to produce fire; it was a remote-triggered igniter. Examining the device, Skye saw that it had a weak signal that only reached about 30 feet; however, the cross-section diagram of the coliseum showed that the distance between Lamiroir’s dressing room and the stage was less than that.

Outside the coliseum, Justice ran into Crescend, who was annoyed that Klavier Gavin wouldn’t let him work due to him being a suspect. He insisted that he had an airtight alibi and Lamiroir’s account of events was impossible. When questioned about Gavin, he told Justice that the prosecutor was in his office.

At Gavin's office, Justice found the prosecutor on the phone, talking about something Romein LeTouse had been after on orders from Interpol. Gavin showed Justice and Trucy a strange lump of plastic about an inch and a half long, which was apparently a replica of whatever LeTouse was after, though he was not sure what it was. He also told them about the burnt guitar, which had been a gift from Lamiroir; it had been vacuum-packed and sent all the way form Borginia. Inside the remains of the guitar, Justice found an igniter identical to the one found under the sofa at the crime scene. Gavin also showed them an article from the Borginian Daily Bugle about the crime. It did not mention that the crime had followed the lyrics to "The Guitar's Serenade".

In the case

Lamiroir inside the bass case.

Justice returned to the Sunshine Coliseum with Trucy and ran into Ema Skye, who told them she couldn’t find Lamiroir anywhere. They went to the stage to look for her, and noticed the lights were off. Something else was also different about the stage: the bass case was now closed, and a piece of cloth could be seen sticking out. Upon opening it, Justice and Trucy were once again shocked: Lamiroir was inside the case, unconscious.

Lamiroir was taken to the hospital. Skye told Justice she had been struck on the forehead by an unknown assailant. Upon recovering, Lamiroir thanked Justice for saving her life and told him what had happened. She had been attacked in her dressing room. Knowing that the power in the stage was out due to maintenance, she had run there and hidden inside the bass case, where she had lost consciousness. The assailant had said nothing, so she did not know who it was, but since she had been struck on the forehead, it had probably been someone taller than her, likely a man. Justice wondered if Crescend could have been the attacker.


The Borginian cocoon replica.

Justice showed Lamiroir the strange lump from Gavin’s office, which she recognized as a Borginian cocoon. She did not know much else about it, except for one thing: Borginian cocoons were not to be taken out of Borginia. Doing so was punishable with death. LeTouse, as Justice deduced, had been tracking down Borginian cocoon smuggling. Justice knew Lamiroir couldn’t be the smuggler, so there was only one other person it could be. He asked Lamiroir to act as an interpreter and returned to the detention center to talk with Tobaye.

Tobaye was frightened upon seeing the cocoon replica, and asked Justice if he knew everything. With Lamiroir translating for him, he told Justice the cocoon could be used to cure “Incuritis”, an otherwise incurable illness. Justice asked Tobaye if he had been smuggling cocoons, but Tobaye would not answer, saying only that he “couldn’t go home”. Justice suspected he was referring to the death penalty for cocoon smuggling.

The meeting was then interrupted by Daryan Crescend, who said there was a call for Tobaye from the Borginian embassy. The interruption made Justice suspicious that Crescend was trying to stop him from questioning Tobaye, and he realized there could only be one reason why.

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