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Iris Wilson
The tea's brewed! And I have a freshly baked cake as well!

Iris Wilson was a child prodigy that lived with the renowned detective Herlock Sholmes. Despite being only ten years old, she penned The Adventures of Herlock Sholmes series of novels. Following Ryunosuke Naruhodo and Susato Mikotoba's arrival to the Great British Empire, Iris assisted Naruhodo in a number of cases over the course of his study abroad.


This section contains major plot details for the following: The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve. Proceed with this in mind.
Main articles: Professor Killings

Her mother.

Iris Wilson was the biological daughter of London's chief prosecutor Klint van Zieks and his wife, Lady Baskerville. Her birth was marred with great tragedy. Her father had died before she could ever see him, in a duel with Genshin Asogi, after van Zieks was discovered to be the serial killer known as the Professor. Meanwhile, her mother perished while giving birth to her, despite the best efforts of Yujin Mikotoba, who had been tasked by Asogi to fulfill van Zieks' final wish: to have his wife and child taken care of and the parentage of his child concealed. With Iris' mother dead, Mikotoba took Iris into his care. However, he was soon met with a problem: sensitive political conditions generated by the scandal of the Professor serial killings (due to Genshin Asogi being convicted for the Professor Killings) caused the Empire of Japan to summon Mikotoba back to Japan one month after Iris' birth. As he had promised to conceal Iris' parentage, he was unable to bring her with him back to Japan, as doing so would require him to disclose her parentage.

With no other choice, Mikotoba left the child in the care of his English detective partner, Herlock Sholmes, and raise her as his adopted daughter. Before he left, Mikotoba named Iris - then nameless - after his own deceased wife, Ayame, whose name translated into Iris in English.

Life with Sholmes[]

For a time, Iris grew up believing that Sholmes was her father. From a young age, Iris demonstrated exceptional intelligence: she had advanced reading and deduction skills, and often read stories located in a trunk inside her and Shomes' suite. One day, Sholmes told her that her actual father was the one who had written the stories located in the trunk. While this was untrue, Iris believed Sholmes. During Sholmes' investigation into the circumstances regarding the Professor killings, Iris accompanied him, leading to the pair visiting Scotland Yard's morgue in order to read Klint van Zieks' autopsy report. It was while reading the autopsy report that Iris made a shocking discovery: the penmanship of the person who had written the autopsy report highly resembled the penmanship of the person who had written the stories in the trunk. In order to compare the penmanship Iris secretly stole the autopsy report, and brought it back home with her. At home, she compared the autopsy report to the stories in the trunk, finding the writing to be one and the same. As the autopsy report had been signed by John Wilson, Iris concluded that he must be her birth father, and began to refer to herself as Iris Wilson.

At some point, Iris began to write stories about the adventures of Sholmes and his partner, which were greatly inspired by the stories she read in the trunk. Her stories were published in Strand Magazine, under the penname Dr. John H. Wilson, and eventually became internationally renown to the point that publications of her stories even reached Japan. One story she intended to publish in Strand Magazine was titled The Hound of the Baskervilles, which was based off paltry notes left in the trunk about the Professor killings. Unbeknownst to Iris, she had inadvertently penned a story that was nearly accurate to the real events of the Professor killings. Before she tried to publish the story, she allowed Sholmes to read the manuscript. Rather than express delight at the story, Sholmes expressed great horror, realizing how close Iris came to discovering the truth behind the Professor killings and the tragedy of her parentage. Afraid of what would happen if Iris published the story, Sholmes confiscated the manuscript, instructed her to never speak of it, and entrusted the manuscript to Pop Windibank.

Aside from her successful career as an author, Iris was also a prolific inventor. She was capable of inventing unique tea blends, and contraptions such as fancy smoke guns.

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West meets east[]

Main article: The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures

Magnus McGilded's trial[]

Main article: The Adventure of the Runaway Room

Iris Wilson first appeared after the trial of Magnus McGilded where Gina Lestrade was a witness. Gina's smoke launcher, which she had used several times during the events of the trial, had been stolen from Iris while she was switching omnibuses. Iris managed to track down the device, however, as she had fitted it with a telegraphic beacon. After tracking down the thief, Iris told Gina that she was to accompany Iris back to her laboratory and apologize to her technician. While Gina resisted the notion, Iris threatened her with a larger smoke launcher, forcing Gina to accompany her back to her laboratory. Despite being pickpocketed by Gina, Iris forgave and befriended her, affectionately referring to her as "Ginny".

New lodgers[]

Main article: The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro

Ryunosuke Naruhodo and Susato Mikotoba were formally introduced to Iris during the investigation of Olive Green's stabbing. During this introduction, Iris revealed that she was the true author of the Adventures of Herlock Sholmes. Susato complimented Iris on her stories, including the one she was currently writing "The Adventure of the Speckled Band" - which was based on a case Sholmes had just solved. She also performed "Iris Wilson's Logic and Reasoning Spectacular" where she perfectly deduced that the two were there to ask Sholmes for information regarding Olive Green's stabbing. As to why, Sholmes had been responsible for deducing that their client Soseki Natsume was the person who had been witnessed standing behind Green before her stabbing. Iris informed them that Sholmes was likely investigating the crime scene. The pair thanked Iris for her assistance, before Iris asked if there was an inspector named Gregson on the scene. After the confirmation that there was, Iris provided them with a card, informing them to present the card to Inspector Gregson so that he would allow them to investigate and cooperate with them. While doubtful of the veracity of Iris' words, Ryunosuke still took the card.

When Ryunosuke showed Gregson Iris' card, he was shocked to see Gregson's demeanour toward him to greatly shift. Initially hostile and uncooperative with Ryunosuke, Gregson immediately began to cooperate after receiving the card. Gregson revealed that it was because Iris, who he referred to as "His Ladyship", often included him as a character in her stories. This inclusion, although it occasionally made him the butt of jokes, also meant that he received a financial reward every time he appeared in her stories.

Following the conclusion of Soseki Natsume's case, Ryunosuke and Susato were left with having to deal with the issues of their lodgings. For their first week in London, they had been staying at a hotel. This arrangement was highly costly, and Susato calculated that it would take only ten days more of staying at the hotel before their entire budget was exhausted. In order to avoid bankruptcy they needed to find a cheaper and more permanent arrangement. Sholmes offered to let the two move into his and Iris' suite and live in the attic, with Iris already having made preparations for them to move in. Ryunosuke and Susato accepted the offer, moving in with Sholmes and Iris and enjoying a dinner to celebrate the successful acquittal of Soseki Natsume.

Natsume arrested again[]

Main article: The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro

The day after being acquitted for the stabbing of Olive Green, Soseki Natsume was once again arrested under the suspicion of poisoning his fellow lodger, William Shamspeare, as he had been the only one within Shamspeare's vicinity when he was found poisoned. While making tea the day of Natsume's arrest, Iris informed Ryunosuke and Susato that the "Reaper of the Bailey" Barok van Zieks was the prosecutor for the case. Sholmes used Iris' tea to test a new chemical of his: a chemical that could test whether or not a liquid was quality tea, at the cost of making quality tea smelly and undrinkable.

This section contains major plot details. Proceed with this in mind.

Ryunosuke successfully got Soseki Natsume acquitted on the charges of poisoning Shamspeare, revealing the sordid truth of the case: the person Natsume had previously been accused of stabbing, Olive Green, had tried to poison Shamspeare to death after she had discovered that he may have been responsible for the death of her fiancé Duncan Ross. This attempted murder was facilitated by slathering a gas pipe located in Shamspeare's room with poison. Her suspicions arose because she had discovered that Natsume was having issues with the gas in his room randomly extinguishing, an issue which had also plagued Ross before he died. Green believed that her fiancé Duncan Ross, who had previously lived in Natsume's room, had been potentially killed by Shamspeare blowing into the gas pipe located in his room, which caused the gas pipes elsewhere in the building to extinguish. By slathering poison on the gas pipe, if Shamspeare was guilty of blowing into the pipe as she thought, he would die and be punished for murdering Ross. As to why Shamspeare was extinguishing gas pipes, he had been doing so to scare lodgers in Natsume's room into leaving, so that he could get a hidden treasure left behind in the room by notorious thief Selden, who had divulged to Shamspeare the location of his final treasure before his death.

With Natsume successfully acquitted Iris Sholmes, Susato, Ryunosuke, decided to solve the last mystery of the case: what the treasure left behind by Selden was. The treasure turned out to be the bloodied dog collar of Balmung, the hound that Iris' father had used to perpetuate his murders. Emblazoned on the collar was the insignia of the Baskerville family. Upon the discovery of the collar, Sholmes immediately had the collar confiscated by Inspector Gregson, fearful that Iris would make the connection between the collar, the Baskerville family, and subsequently the Professor killings.

Addditionally, Iris planned to write about Natsume's cases, separating the cases into two parts: "The Adventure of the Schoolgirl who was Stabbed in the Back" and "The Adventure of the Mustached Man Cursed by a Death Row Inmate". However, given the sensitivity of the case involving Shamspeare, Sholmes forbade Iris from publishing her story about the case, and also instructed her, Susato, and Ryunosuke to never publicly speak about the case.

End of spoilers.

Investigating with Naruhodo[]

Main article: The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story

Iris took care of Wagahai after Natsume returned to Japan. To instantly make small cat-sized doors in walls and doors for Wagahai, Iris made a device named the Cat-Flapomat.

This section contains major plot details. Proceed with this in mind.

While Ryunosuke and Susato were wondering about Herlock Sholmes' sad demeanor, she presented them her invention and explained that Herlock pawned his analysis scope to Pop Windibank. Explaining the concept of pawnbrokeries to the two, Iris also revealed that she had written an unreleased story named The Hound of the Baskervilles, but Sholmes banned her from publishing it for the time being due to reasons he wanted to keep private. The manuscript for this story was stored in the very same Windibank's Pawnbrokery that Sholmes had pawned his analysis scope to. After Susato discovered that Sholmes' sadness was due to being unable to play his violin, Susato discovered that the unplayable "violin" was actually a viola, and that Sholmes had taken the wrong object from Windibanks' Pawnbrokery. Sholmes went with Ryunosuke and Susato to Windibank's Pawnbrokery to reclaim his violin and return the viola.

After Ryunosuke, Susato and Herlock came back from the pawnbrokery, Herlock had Iris prepare something in case Gina accepted the invitation to dine with them, which she did. After having dinner at Sholmes' suite and teaching pickpocketing to Iris, Ryunosuke and Susato, Gina learned about the manuscript. That night Gina slept over at the suite, but unbeknownst to everyone else was bothered by the whereabouts of Iris' manuscript. Gina's great distrust toward adults lead her to believe that Sholmes was lying to Iris about keeping the manuscript in Windibank's Pawnbrokery, and instead the manuscript was elsewhere. To confirm her suspicions, Gina left Sholmes' suite while everyone was asleep and broke into the pawnbrokery to find the manuscript. While she found the manuscript, she inadvertently became embroiled in a robbery-gone-wrong, where Pop Windibank was murdered. As she was the only one at the scene when first responders arrived, and she was also holding a pistol, Gina was immediately arrested under the suspicion of murdering Windibank.

Iris was waiting at home when Naruhodo returned and explained the situation to her. She was vividly upset that Lestrade was the primary suspect for Windibank’s murder, and horrified that Sholmes was shot and hospitalized. While she could not visit her foster father, Iris accompanied Naruhodo as Susato was still being questioned by the police, During the investigation, they were shocked to learn from Stronghart of two things: Susato was to return home the next day to attend to her ill father, Yujin, and Lestrade refused to have any lawyer defend her in her trial. Thanks to Susato convincing her, Lestrade admitted the truth about the omnibus murder case and how she was an unwilling accomplice to McGilded. After Lestrade signed the paperwork for Naruhodo defending her, Iris used another new invention for bloodstains, using chemicals to change the stains into different colors to identify their owners. At the pawnshop, the group found Iris’ manuscript still inside the storage room, but this did not ease her worries.

The next day, Iris showed up to assist Naruhodo in Susato’s place for Gina’s trial. She had received word that the operation on Sholmes was successful, but he was still unconscious. Although she had no experience with law, Iris proved to be a helpful assistant to Naruhodo. During the second summation examination, when van Zieks almost ended the trial by discrediting the defense’s blood analysis, Iris reminded everyone that the judge suspended the examination for the Skulkin brothers to testify, prompting the jurors to allow the trial to continue so that Ashley Graydon could be summoned as a witness.

During the recess, Iris learned that Lestrade broke into the pawn shop to see if the unpublished manuscript was still in the storeroom. She then encouraged the pickpocket to stay strong as she still believed in her friend. Later, while Naruhodo was conflicted in admitting that he and Gina committed perjury two months ago, Iris encouraged him to press on, quoting his line that the truth would come out sooner or later. When the jurors declared Lestrade guilty, Sholmes unexpectedly arrived to give Naruhodo the Cat-Flapomat, which Susato had used to create a peephole to check on Lestrade and Windibank on the night of the murder. This enabled Naruhodo to prove that the peephole was made by Susato after the crime, with Iris going so far as to make a cat door for Wagahai in the courtroom to demonstrate the invention. Eventually, Graydon and Gregson’s lies were exposed, and the former was found to be Windibank’s true killer.

After Lestrade’s acquittal, Iris informed Naruhodo that bad weather had delayed the ships at Dover from taking off by one day, prompting the attorney to hurry to the port to see Susato before she left. After the assistant revealed the truth behind her actions and the disks were brought up, Iris recalled the names she heard when they were played in the Japanese Morse code: K. Asogi, A. Shinn, T. Gregson, and J. Wilson. For the last name, Iris was unsure if that was her father the message was referring to. Before leaving, Susato promised Iris she would tell the inventor on how she came to know of The Hound of the Baskervilles. This left Iris hopeful in seeing her friend again.

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Continued investigations with Naruhodo[]

The Great Exhibition[]

Main article: The Return of the Great Departed Soul

This section contains major plot details. Proceed with this in mind.

Six months after Lestrade’s trial, Iris once again assisted Naruhodo as he was assigned by Stronghart to defend Professor Albert Harebrayne for the murder of Odie Asman during his experiment in the Great Exhibition. After helping Naruhodo correct Sholmes’ deduction at Esmeralda Tusspells’ wax museum, she came to learn of the Professor killings that occurred around the time of her birth. Upon receiving a postcard from Susato of her return to London, Iris decided to withhold it from Naruhodo so that he would be genuinely surprised of his assistant’s return. After the first day of Harebrayne’s trial, Iris learned from Susato that a copy of The Hound of the Baskervilles was with her father, Yujin, and he forbade her from telling anyone of its existence.

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Seeking her father[]

Main articles: Twisted Karma and His Last Bow & The Resolve of Ryunosuke Naruhodo
This section contains major plot details. Proceed with this in mind.

A week after Harebrayne’s trial, Iris, Sholmes, Naruhodo and Susato received tragic news from Lestrade that Gregson had been murdered and van Zieks had been arrested for the murder.

After the first day of the trial was abruptly ended following the collapse of Daley Vigil, Iris cheered up Naruhodo and Susato with tea and then joined them in their investigations. When meeting with van Zieks, Iris was shocked to learn that Gregson was part of the Reaper organization as the tactician for assassinations of defendants found “Not Guilty” in trials that van Zieks prosecuted in. But regarding Dr. Wilson, Iris was deliberately kept out of the conversation by Naruhodo, Susato, and the latter’s father Yujin, as the doctor was killed by the Reaper assassin, Asa Shinn. Iris was later saddened when Yujin asked Naruhodo to return to Japan as the country was lacking good defense lawyers.

When visiting coroner Maria Gorey, it was discovered that the autopsy report of Klint van Zieks was missing. Knowing that she might be found as the thief, Iris hurried back home. At some point, Yujin came to visit Sholmes’ suite but was knocked unconscious by the trap in the trunk where Iris kept the original stories of Sholmes. She hid the key to the trunk in her mouth when the others came in, and it was only after a dance of deduction that Iris admitted to stealing van Zieks’ autopsy report a few years ago. Iris also revealed that the cases were written by Sholmes’ partner, and the handwriting on those cases matched that to those on the autopsy report. There was no name on any of the documents, but Iris was certain that it was Dr. Wilson, the man she believed to be her father who had signed off the autopsy report. But after seemingly leaving to attend to her herbs, Iris overheard that Sholmes’ true partner was Susato’s father: Professor Yujin Mikotoba.

The next day, Iris delivered tea for van Zieks and gave Naruhodo a good luck charm before the trial began. Although she tried to hide her feelings, Naruhodo could tell that she felt awful for stealing Klint’s autopsy report. It was later revealed that the charm was actually a makeshift radio, allowing Naruhodo and Susato to get into contact with Sholmes as he and Yujin were searching for Seishiro Jigoku in Dunkirk. That night, Iris prepared a feast for everyone to regain their strengths for the next day of the trial. She revealed that she overheard the conversation from last night, and told Sholmes she understood that he could not yet tell her who her father truly was. Iris then finally learned that Dr. Wilson was killed in Japan by Shinn, which saddened her even though she knew the doctor wasn’t her father. But she cheered herself back up by declaring Naruhodo and Susato her siblings, though this was after she mistakenly thought that Yujin was her actual father.

Iris then went with Sholmes to visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace, where they set up a hologram device so they could watch the events of the closed trial. While enjoying tea, they learned that Stronghart was the true Reaper and the blackmailer of the Professor, Klint van Zieks. They also learned that Stronghart had both Dr. Wilson and Gregson murdered, the latter being killed by Jigoku, to keep them permanently silenced regarding the Reaper. After hearing all of Stronghart’s misdeeds, the Queen stripped Stronghart of his powers and had him due to stand in trial for all of the crimes he committed.

After van Zieks’ acquittal, Iris radioed Naruhodo and invited everyone to the flat for a celebratory feast. Though the prosecutors declined, Iris had van Zieks promise to visit and enjoy her tea. Later that night, Iris celebrated with Sholmes, Naruhodo, Susato, Lestrade and Yujin. Iris was given a promise by Lestrade to find her father someday, but she declined the offer because she realized that it did not matter who her father was, and she was happy to have Sholmes as family.

A few days later, Iris and Sholmes accompanied Naruhodo and Yujin to Dover as they prepared to return to Japan, though she was disheartened to be parting ways with her Japanese friends. Susato also returned to Japan as Naruhodo’s assistant. As the steamship left towards the rising sun, Iris waved her friends good-bye alongside Sholmes and Asogi.

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Despite being a child, Iris often seems more mature than her adoptive father. She is very friendly and intelligent, though sometimes she gets a bit carried away with trying to drag others into things.

Notably, Iris would frequently give nicknames to her acquaintances and close friends. She even nicknamed Queen Victoria as Vicky while she and Herlock visited her.


This section contains major plot details for the following: The Resolve of Ryunosuke Naruhodo. Proceed with this in mind.
  • As stated in The Resolve of Ryunosuke Naruhodo, Yujin named Iris after his late wife Ayame. In hanakotoba, irises denote message delivery, hope, faith, friendship, and wisdom. Meanwhile, in floriography, irises' meanings depend on the color; with yellow denoting passion, purple denoting royalty, blue for faith and hope, and white for purity.
    • The fleur-de-lis was also used as a symbol of French royalty, tying into Iris' noble descent.
    • The plant genus Watsonia belongs to the Iris family. The genus was named after Sir William Watson, a British physician and scientist. Oddly enough, Wilsonia is the name of an unrelated plant genus, named for a John Wilson.
  • Iris' birth father Klint's surname, van Zieks, may reference the Japanese phrase '万事休す' (ばんじきゅう), meaning "there is nothing more that can be done; it's all over". van Zieks by itself can also be translated to "of the sick" in Dutch, possibly if unintentionally referencing the Grim Reaper's emergence as a psychopomp during the Black Plague.
  • Iris' birth mother's surname, Baskerville, is taken from titular Baskervilles in The Hound of the Baskervilles written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The surname Baskerville itself is a habitational name from Boscherville in Eure, France, named with Old Anglo-Norman French boschet ‘copse’, ‘thicket’ (a diminutive of Bois) + ville ‘settlement’, ‘town’.
End of spoilers.


  • Iris Wilson is a modification of the literary character of Dr. John Watson, who is the close friend, assistant, and sometime flatmate of Sherlock Holmes in Arthur Conan Doyle's original novels.
  • Iris Wilson was described to Kazuya Nuri as a "genius girl". Nuri worked gothic and mad scientist elements into her design to illustrate this. She and Herlock Sholmes were designed to look good on the screen together.[4]
  • Iris Wilson is the youngest character in the series to date to act as a protagonist's co-counsel. Pearl Fey would have had this honor, but while she did help Phoenix Wright during the investigation phases of certain episodes, she would always channel Mia Fey whenever she entered to courtroom to act as his co-counsel in her stead.